Friday, May 29, 2020

Seth: Physical Existence is Sacred and Good


Physical Existence is Sacred and Good

Now, I hope when this is recorded you will read these statements simply several times for I am saying this as clearly as I can. These are the ways in which what I say differs from those stereotyped stories of which Ruburt was speaking. First of all, there is nothing wrong with physical existence. You are not born through any sin, either original sin or Freudian sin. You are not either the products of some experiment that did not work on the part of superior scientists from another planet. You are not automatically hampered with. You are not automatically flawed. There is nothing automatically wrong with you. There is a spirituality within your tissues.

Physical existence is sacred and good. There is nothing wrong with it. Atoms and molecules, they are holy. Your consciousness is holy and so is your little toe. You can aspire. You must aspire for that is within you. But All That Is is now within you. You do not have to traverse worlds, you do not have to meet hopeless little gods at doorways to let you know whether or not you can enter or follow through on tests as some psychics tell you. You do not have to take upon yourselves definite rituals. You have only to look within yourself for the source of exaltation, creativity and song.

… There is no part of you that is not holy, that is not sacred, and that is not eternal. The answers are indeed within yourselves. They cannot be given to you by me. I can only show you the direction in which you must look, and the direction is within each of you.

Now Ruburt makes contact with me, but having made contact I am like some vital ever growing field that you finally reach. It is up to you to wander in that field and pluck your own idiot flowers and find your own paths. Now at this moment the field is there. The field that is my reality and yet is your own reality, and you must intellectually probe it, and intuitively probe it, and find your own paths within it. Its sources rise from your own being and from the fountainhead of creativity that is within each of you, and the teacher is within each of you, and you are yourselves the teacher that you do not recognize. And the voice that speaks in your dreams is the voice of yourself that you do not recognize speaking from the ancient founts of knowledge that are your own. I have told you often that I am no spooky guide that speaks in the night. I am myself, but I am also the speechless portion of your own selves. I am heights that you have reached and do not know that you have reached. I am your own heartbeat. I do have my own individuality yet this in no way means that there is not a meeting ground between what I am and what you are.

I have told you, the regular students, that you are finished with kindergarten. You have been telling secrets on another level in reincarnational terms. It is an extension of what you were doing earlier, an acceleration. I want you to look through the images that are not there that you see in your minds. I want you to look through the gods and the devils to see beyond these. I want you to look through the victim and the slayer. I want you to look through stereotyped images of good and evil until you understand what your own creativity is.

I want you to understand that in this moment in your time, your very cells respond to what I say, not because I say it, but because your cells also speak through my voice and the forgotten portions of you to which you do not listen. The voice that cries in the wilderness is your own, and the voice that answers from eons of time, that you do not understand, is your own. You have counterparts, you are not alone. You have brothers and sisters that you do not recognize.

Stratums that fly through the night, in your terms now, have known consciousness and song. The air that brushes past your cheek is alive. It too has known love and exaltation and will again. In what I am saying there are answers for you if you have the wits to catch on. In the power that you sense there are answers if you have the wits to sense within yourself that same power. To feel within the timbres of the voice the ecstasy that sings through your own being. To listen to all the tales that your selves tell you, to the secrets that fly through the air, and that is what I have been telling you all this time.

Remember, therefore, that your own vitality is without bounds. That it is ever new. That it sweeps through your own frame as easily and as naturally as the energy sweeps through this form. That you have only to accept it and acknowledge it, and again that the vitality of life is not quiet; it is not adult; it is not dignified; it is. All the alleyways down which you have traveled have openings. Any disasters that you have worked upon yourselves have openings. Any energy that you need to direct to any part of your physical image is yours for the asking. Any thought that you have is creative.

When you listen, do not only listen but feel and within the energy of this voice feel, therefore, the energy within yourselves, within your spirits and your tissues, for you are now presently dwelling within tissue which you have also formed. Know, therefore, your own exaltation and your own energy and your own strength. Feel within yourselves that confidence and power and draw upon it as you go about your daily way. And feel it within you for it comes easily. As easily and miraculously as a flower grows, or as a hair grows out of your skull, or as a thought rises from your brain, that energy resides within you. That energy is your own—your own divinity rests within it. The bridgeways that you form, and that all of you know are made of this vitality. In silence it grows and is nurtured, but it is not of itself quiet. It is vigorous, and it is not afraid of quiet. It forms you. Get on good terms with it and do not deny it. Now I bid you all a fond good evening, and yet before I do, I ask you to identify with the power behind this voice and to feel it within your very cells, for it is your own power, your own energy, your own knowledge and the divinity from which you have sprung and which is a part of each of you. The voice that answers is your own, then listen to it with love and understanding.

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