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Seth meditation technique from the Early Class Sessions Vol III


Now, you are beginning here an exploration, and it will be an individual exploration.  And even some of you who have not before entered in will now do so.  The exploration of consciousness cannot be done from the outside.  It cannot be done from the safe but distant framework of concepts.  You have to enter into the reality, and this is what you will be doing.


Now, Alpha 1 simply involves one small step sidewards.  You all enter this state frequently, but in the past you have been blind to the reality that is open within it.  You have been given the package, in other words, but you have not opened it, so now we are going to tell you how to open it and use it.

Now, there are some physical mechanisms that will help.  For example, when you are beginning, unfocus your eyes, let them go.  What you are going to see need not be the physical room in which you sit.  Unhinge your mind.  Think of your mind as a door.  Usually it is closed.  One portion of it faces physical reality, ordinary working consciousness, and usually it is here that you focus.  Unhinge it, let it sag on its hinges and glimpse what is on the other side.  Let your muscles go, no one is going to attack you.  Be open and receptive.  The visual contact, however, is particularly important so that you let the eyes relax.  The brain patterns automatically change, let them go.  You do not need the electroencephalograph to let you know when you are in Alpha I.  If you want, you may imagine a particular kind of pattern as being your waking consciousness as in a graph with the very quick motions representing delta and then slowing out gently for the Alpha patterns, if you prefer.

Alpha I is a state of preparation.  It is a threshold.  It will help all of you if you imagine it as a platform and see yourselves throwing all of your fears off one by one, and it would help if you do this before you begin working on anyone else.  Otherwise your own fears can hamper you.

Now, beside Alpha I there are many other states that you will learn and hopefully learn to master and use.  And do it joyfully.  You do not need necessarily to set up projects, give yourself some freedom with the state.  You may be amazed at what you learn when you do not program yourself.

… You will not progress individually or as a race until you realize that you form your own physical reality from your thoughts and feelings and that you can manipulate matter through your mind because your mind creates it.  Alpha I is a very simple method of learning to control physical matter through realizing that you do yourselves make it and can direct its flow and direct the energy available to it.

You direct, not only your own individual energy, but en masse, the energy of the world that you know.  In your dreams you try out probable solutions to world problems.  The leaders that will appear to you tomorrow are known to you beforehand in your dreams, and when you recognize them in physical reality there should, indeed, be a great sense of familiarity for already you know them well.

You are beginning with Alpha I, but there are many other kinds of consciousness and there is no reason why you cannot experiment with them and learn to handle them.

What you do in Alpha I, in healing, is already what you do unconsciously without realizing that you do so.  You manipulate your own inner organs constantly.  Your thoughts form their reality, cause their illness or their health, and in Alpha I you do this at a level of awareness that you can recognize.  Until you learn to manipulate the world that you know, and constructively and creatively, you will not be able to manipulate the inner realities in which you already live but instead will be swept merely within them.

Now, it may seem quite strange to our Lady of Florence (one of the students) to find herself within her body and working at such intimate terms with the physical matter of which she is composed, and yet you do this constantly.  You are only now becoming aware of what you do at an unconscious level.  When you work in such a manner, you are still using physical symbols.  Because you feel you are in the body and manipulating organs you feel that you are being quite practical.  You can see what you are doing.  You are manipulating in physical terms, but it should occur to you that you do not need the physical images.  These are only methods to educate you to the importance of thought for you can perform the same without the images.  Even in the body it seems to you that you need physical hands to manipulate reels, to change what you see when a thought would suffice.  And so later on you will not need the journeys, but now the journeys act as educational television.  Later you will not need them.

You still do not believe in the reality of thought, and so you use your images in this state of Alpha I consciousness, but in some stages beneath you will find you can dispense with it.  And in later classes, when you feel quite familiar with where you are, we will lead you all further …

… As long as you believe you are physical creatures, then you will deal with physical images.  When you realize that the physical creature is a hallucination, then you will not need the images.  I am not telling you that reality is a hallucination.  I am telling you that each hallucination is a face that reality takes and that within them all the nature of reality resides.

Now using your scientific interments, to some extent, you can probe into physical reality.  But using these alone you will never come to terms with the nature of your own existence.  You will not be able, even in your terms, to feel it or to know it intimately, and as long as you are focused completely in physical reality and cut yourself off from your source, you will never understand the day to day existence that is within you that is independent of days and hours.

Now in Alpha I, to some extent, you step aside from the physical moments that you know and in so doing you also relieve your physical system of the pressure of the hours.  You take away from your physical system the conscious pressures that you force upon it, and you allow it to rest.  You allow the spontaneous self within you some peace and freedom.  The part of you that is released in Alpha I can, therefore, be free enough to direct the energies of the physical self that you know.

Now as you sit before me, and I have said this before, you imagine yourselves to be particular people upon this earth at this particular time and at this particular address and cut off from any deeper reality that you have and yet, in your inner awareness, you realize that you are more than you know.

Now in Alpha I you can step aside from your daily self and let the knowledge of your deeper identity rise up where it can be recognized and accepted and acknowledged and its abilities used.  You can, with training, feel the miraculous knowledge and heritage that is within your atoms and molecules, be aware of the capsule consciousness within them for they have a knowledge of all the other life forms of which they have been part, and this you can admit to your consciousness.

Do you think you sprung out of the earth without even the heritage of a tree or a seed?  You spring into this place and this time from other dimensions, and your grow through and beyond this space and this time. You have only to unfocus your consciousness, to step aside from the particular consciousness that you use so expertly and so well, and to let yourselves go in awareness and flexibility.  Even the atoms and molecules within your skull realize that they have greater heritage than you know.

Now, … under certain drug experiments, and experiences, the memories within the selves rise up and shout.  The structure within the neurons is no longer a dead thing but the structure is a reality that speaks;  and the reality speaks quite loudly in terms of heritage, of experiences encountered long before your physical form knew itself.  You perceive realities of which the physical form is aware, but the ego is unaware.  Now these realities can become a part of your awareness without drugs.  You do not need them.  You need merely to admit the vitality of your own consciousness.  It is your own.

No one, Ruburt or myself, can have the experiences that you can have with your own consciousness.  No one can learn to manipulate physical reality in the way that you can or understand the nature of their own consciousness in the way that you can.  You have a unique experience ahead of you that is yours and can exist for no other consciousness in the universe.  This is your gift, and this is your responsibility, for if you let it fall by the wayside, no one can pick it up for you and it can never be replaced.  No one can ever have it for you.  The visions of reality that are your own can be seen by no other.  The journey into consciousness and reality that can be perceived you you can be perceived by no other.  The particular vision of truth that can be received by you can be perceived by no other.

There is no mass truth.  There is only individually recognized and acknowledged and experienced truth.  Ruburt once said in a poem that truth was not a great bread to be broken among many.  It is a bread created by each, perceived by each.  Your thoughts and feelings created not only this reality, but all reality.  Then do not hide yourselves from yourselves.


Now, I would not force you into any state of awareness, far be it from me.  You (the class) are all in Alpha I, and I did not force you into it.  Now, bear with me for a few moments, realizing as you do so that there is in reality no distinction between the atoms and molecules within your precious bodies and the atoms and molecules that fly about the room quite innocently and free;  realizing also that there is great space between the atoms and molecules within your body, and that if some very small person were flying through they would find your bodies as large as a galaxy; realizing also that the skin that seems so solid to you is very open, indeed, and does not separate you so much from the universe, as it connects you with the universe; and that there is little division between the atoms and molecules in those knees and those legs and the atoms and molecules that from the floor upon which the legs and knees seem to rest.

And now you (the class) are all in Alpha II.  Now I would like you all to sense the feeling of your consciousness, realizing as you do so, that there is within your tissues, and within the atoms and molecules that compose you, a great acquiescence.  Now for those of you who may not follow the word acquiescent, let me say there is then a great acceptance.  Within each of your atoms and molecules is, indeed, a blessed and joyful acceptance of their own reality beyond questioning.


And for those of you who are following me, you are at the threshold of Alpha III. Now the acquiescence that dwells within your atoms and molecules is an acquiescence that has to do with creativity that knows no negation, that realizes, instead, only the benefits and the joys and the reality of That Which Is, and within this acquiescence there is no denial and no negation for all things are experienced, recognized, and accepted as a part of All That Is.

And for all of you who are able to follow me now, you can follow to the threshold of Alpha IV.  Beyond this, at this stage, you (the class) cannot go; but recognize that you have touched your toes there, at least, and feel the acquiescence that is its basis, for that acquiescence is the foundation of all life as you know it, and all reality in whatever terms you will ever know it.  And within that reality there is no negation, and all questions are answered.

In order to do what we have just done we needed to manipulate Ruburt’s consciousness, to some extent, and so, in your terms, though these terms are meaningless, he was, say, four levels below those levels of which we spoke, and he is not used to it so we need to give him a boost up the rest of the way.

You are hypnotized, and you hypnotize yourselves daily, to believe there is only one reality, the physical one that you know and so I would call it, you see, a state of being - hypnotization, where you are freed from a compulsive demanding focus upon physical reality, and where your consciousness is allowed some freedom to pursue its own nature.  Where you are to some extent, if only momentarily, released from the compulsion to experience your own reality in terms of time and matter and physical form.

([Question]: I wondered if it was a way of everyone’s relaxing or to concentrate more into …?)

It was, indeed.  It was a way of getting you to become familiar with your own consciousness and states of consciousness that you adapt, all without knowing, into which you fall and rise without conscious knowledge.  If you were aware of yourselves, you would not need me to tell you what these stages of consciousness are.  But they are a part of your heritage, a part of your inner knowledge, and we want you to use them consciously and with egotistical awareness now, for your ego is not to be treated as a stepchild, as a poor relative.  It is to be taken along on the trip.  It is to be educated.  It is far more flexible than you imagine.

Now, I can lead you as far as you want to go and as far as you are willing to go and no further.  But each of you in your dream and sleep states know your own identity.  Each of you know what you are more than the here-and-now self that you recognize, and to the extent that you liberate this knowledge, you progress.

… And to see that we have a grand finale, let me say again, that the energy that is available here is available to each of you.  You all have reservoirs of energy that you do not use, sources of strength that you do not admit, so use them.  It should not take anyone dead as long as I to bring you this message.  The vitality that rings, however distorted, through this voice rings through your own molecules and through the tip of your ear and through your (word lost).  This energy is a part of you that you have denied.  Free it, liberate it.

In your terms, spring is coming and all those idiot flowers are ready to bloom. And they have not said, “Whyfore there, am I about to bloom, and how is it I am now a seed and soon will be a flower? And what makes the world go round, and why is it that this darkness in which I am enclosed will soon open, and I can shoot like a rocket toward the sun?”  But they know their acquiescence and their affirmation and so listen to your own for it speaks in a silent voice, and yet it speaks in terms of energy that only here is translated into sound.

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