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Seth on Good and Evil

Seth Early Class Session Vol. 4

SESSION, MAY 25, 1971

Good and Evil

… Because you are physically oriented, you early got it into your heads that goodness must have a place in the physical universe and evil must have a place within it.  And so, you set up for yourselves the division of Heaven and Hell.  In one story or another, it has existed far back into the annals of your time.  Now, give us a moment.

As I have tried to explain to you, the rigorous concepts of good and evil are themselves highly distorted, and when you find such a dilemma, where goodness is one thing and evil another, and both contrary and separate, then you automatically separate them in your minds and in your feelings and in your fantasies.  You do not seem at this point able to realize that what you call evil works for what you call good, or that both are a part of energy, and that you are using energy to form your reality, both now and after this life.  This is because you deal with effects physically, as you see them.  And until you divest yourself of such psychological behavior, it will always seem to you that good and evil are opposites, and you will treat them as such in your feelings and in your concepts and in your myths.

([Ron:] “Is there such a thing as a moral decision for someone who exists in the next plane of existence?”)

There are always moral decisions.  They involve the use of creativity and development.  They involve the use of spontaneity.

([Ron:] “I was just saying that no evil can be justified on the basis of the greater good.”)

That is what I told you operates within your reality, and you did not listen to my answer.  When you read the text, it will be simply clarified.  In your reality, the stance that you adopt is a necessary one, and must hold to it.  The fact that it does only apply to your system need not presently concern you.

([Ron:] “Are there instances in which a spirit from another reality would intervene in this reality, and we would call that a destructive act, but the spirit would say it was creative?”)

Not.  I do not like your term.  Now, any such intervention would only occur on the part of a personality who was, for the present time, physical.  As indeed mentioned last week, the villain in a religious drama would be a creative figure.  But he would exist historically in your time and not, for example, be a ghost whispering in the night.  There are no creatures whispering evil in your ear.

([Ron:] “There are no entities intervening?”)

Not in those terms.

([Ron:] “But in the terms that we are all spirits acting out our own inner drama, the term spirit has some meaning?”)

Sometimes, but only occasionally, I think you are catching on.

(During break, Ron got into a discussion with Brady about good and evil and forces involved.)

No!  There are no forces outside of yourselves that in your terms cause you to do evil.  Unfortunately, what you think of as good and evil reside within yourselves, and you cannot blame an evil force for the destruction that runs rampant across the earth.  Again, in your terms, these are your problems, and no god or devil put them upon you, and there is no one to blame but yourselves.  On the other hand, for the seasons and the idiot flower (Jane looks at Joel H.), you have yourselves to thank.  You are learning how to use the creative energy of which you are a part, and you are indeed quite isolated, so you cannot do much harm, in your terms.  And so that the evil that you think you do is an illusion.  And so that for the millions that you think you slay, you slay not one.  And so that despite you and your concepts of value, creativity always emerges triumphant, and those that are killed in one war come back to fight against war the next time, and hopefully, you teach yourselves some lessons.  And if you destroy your planet, you will have others to work with, and those that are destroyed are not destroyed.  You are in a training system.  The mistakes in the long run, and in your terms, will not count, but they are very real to you at this time.

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