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Strobe light experiment with Seth

SESSION, MAY 11, 1971

Strobe Light Experiment

(During the experiment with the strobe light Seth spoke.)

Open your eyes and look about you.  You are now in a projection.  You have projected yourself to this room, in your terms, from other times and other places.  You belong in this room at this moment of your time because you have projected yourselves into it.  Around you there are friends and strangers, and you have always been friends and strangers to each other.  Now look closely about you.  How real is the room?  How much do you know of the selves you think you are?

Now, I want you to try something with me.  As you have projected yourselves here, then give yourselves the freedom to project yourselves elsewhere.  You may close your eyes or leave them open, as you prefer, but sense within yourselves your own inner identity.  Travel through the personality that you call yourself.  Do not take it at face value but feel within yourself for the hidden self that is within.  Feel also within you the tremendous energy and vitality that gives existence to your physical image and propels the reality of your thoughts and images and gives any kind of reality to your dreams.  Get a hold of this energy within yourselves and feel it as your own for you are this energy, and you are within it and a part of it.

Now, you may each interpret your experiences in your own way, but feel the independence of yourself from this room and from this time and from this existence.  It is, indeed, real and so are dreams real.  Pretend that the room itself is a dream from which you are almost about to awaken, and with your eyes closed still, you will awaken from this room into another place and another time, and with your eyes closed you will awaken to another reality in which you are intimately concerned and feel within yourselves the inner identity recognizing that which it now sees and perceives.

You may, again, interpret the experiences in whatever terms you choose.  If you hear voices, then listen to what they say.  The voices of strangers and beloved ones are often the same voices, and the scenes you see often, you have seen before.  But the vitality that draws you, and the vitality that is within each of you is the same vitality that changes the seasons that you know and that gives your physical existence its meaning that ensures the survival of your identity.  And within this energy you have your independent existence.

Climb up my words then, rush up the vowels and syllables and let them form for you a ladder of energy by which you can ascend.  And let them form a foundation upon which you can climb to find your own reality and your own existence that is in itself independent, both of my work and even of the room in which now your bodies sit, for that independent inner self wanders through all existences that you have known, in your terms, has a wisdom and knowledge that you can use.  And each of you in a greater sense knows the nature of your own vitality, and none of you are alone or have ever been alone for within you is the knowledge of all the personalities that you are, and within you are those abilities to be used and tapped.

Now, some of you will be able to come further with me, and those of you who can, I ask you, still with your eyes closed then, to awaken to the reality of another classroom in which you are all involved and in which our two new guests also sit.  A classroom that you visit in the dream state, and that is quite as real as the physical room that you visit once each week, and in that existence there are other students, and they are all portions of your own realities.  They are other personalities all a part of you, and they come from many times and places, in your terms, and there are many teachers and some of those teachers also are other portions of your own personalities.

Now feel, again within yourself, the birth and emergence of ever new energy so that it pulses within all the reality that you know.  Let it sustain you, let it carry you again safely back to the hallucination of the physical room and the projection that you now accept.  And let all of you remember what you have learned, and where you have been.

Now return to the room, and open your eyes with wonder upon the physical reality that you have formed.  Open your eyes, all of you, and test what you see against the inner reality that you know.  And remember that my energy speaks for your own energy.  No energy that I show do you not have.  Welcome back to the hallucination that you accept so easily.

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