Thursday, May 28, 2020

Seth II from June 29, 1971

SESSION, JUNE 29, 1971

(Seth II:) The experiment continues. I ask those of you who are ready to follow with me as we have observed you then in your own way as you are able follow us. We are trying to not observe, as much as appreciate, the nature of your present existence; so those of you who are curious and willing about the nature of nonphysical reality then follow as far as you can, using the voice as a guideline into existence that has no reality in physical terms, that knows neither blood nor tissue, that knows not hand or finger or arm. Follow then beyond the knowledge of the flesh to those domains from which flesh was born and is born. Feel the kernel of your consciousness rise as one of your seeds, higher beyond the knowledge of seasons, beyond the feeling of your days or moments, beyond the relationships of blood, beyond all those kinships which you take for granted. To you on the way there will be an unbearable loneliness. You are so used to relating to the warm victory of flesh it will seem isolated. There is no physical being with whom then you can relate; and yet, beyond this and through the isolation is a point of light that is consciousness, that pulses with the power behind all the emotions that you know and that feeds them, that sends them sparkling and tumbling down into the reality that you know. A warmth that forms the very pulse of physical existence and yet is born from the devotion of our isolation; that is born from the creativity that is beyond flesh and bone, that forms fingers without feeling fingers, that forms seasons without knowing spring, that creates sand without knowing sand or ground, that creates the reality that you know without experiencing it, that forms fathers, sons and daughters and mothers without knowing what fathers and mothers and daughters and sons are, and yet from this devotion, from that creativity comes all that you know. And all of that also has been given to us for the energy that we have is not ours alone, nor are we the source of it; for it flows through us as it flows through you. The experiment then continues as it has continued, but you were not aware of it.

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