Wednesday, July 27, 2011


From Volume 3 of The Early Sessions of the Seth Material, Session 134:

"You know by now that emotions even change the physical cells, sweeping through them as wind through branches, and leaving imprints in many realities, leaving imprints within the reality of dreams, the physical reality, and in electrical reality, in terms of coded systems.

"There should be an easy flow and acceptance of such emotions, wherein they come and go; but ego often holds them tightly, for its own purposes, in which case they become imprisoned, and become stronger than they were. The origin of emotions is something that we still have to discuss, for there are many origins.

"Some emotions originate within the personality, but others are simply like winds that are then rationalized and held. Emotions are indeed motion, and not static, and will pass to be replaced by others, unless the ego holds them back.

"Emotions also are electrically coded, and also have an independent electrical reality. On a physical level they are both chemical and electrical. The validity and strength of emotions cannot be overestimated, for they represent in only slightly tinged form the uncamouflaged vitality of the universe as it passes through the inner self. Emotions represent, therefore, this vitality before it has been constructed into camouflage.

""It has been tinged psychologically in its entry through the subconscious, but that is all. Emotions are the most vital tools with which you have to work. It if for this reason that you must learn how to use them."

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