Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More on Electric Reality

From Session 125 of Seth's Early Sessions Volume 3:

"We have been speaking of the electric reality and actuality of thoughts and emotions, and of dreams, and of all such experiences which appear to be purely psychological in origin, and take up no space in your physical system.

"I have also mentioned that the electrical field has its own variety of dimensions, with which you are not familiar. Now indeed this electrical field in which thoughts and emotions and dreams have an independent actuality, this field contains depths and dimensions of a sort most difficult to explain.

"Depths are contained within this system that are not depths in terms of space, but rather definite depths and dimensions in terms of varying intensities. There is also here a duration that is closely connected with intensity, but not with continuity in terms of time, as it is usually understood in the physical field.

"In the electrical field it is the intensity of any given actuality that determines this sort of duration, and the intensity can project such an actuality into many dimensions at once. The intensity of a given actuality within the electrical field, of itself, determines the other dimensions of the actuality. In the physical universe, height and thickness determine to a large degree the potentialities, physically speaking, of any organism. Within the electrical system, intensity is also responsible for the potentiality, duration and electrical mass, which is a mass of a different sort; a mass that takes up no space, and is not made of matter as you know it, but mass whose thickness is one of the varying electrical intensities which form a definite shape, a separate field more or less, an electrical coded counterpart for physical matter.

"It is difficult to explain this to you, since old concepts must be used in a new way. But in this electrical system a travel through time would merely involve a journey through intensities. This has many implications, as you should see when you read it.

"There is indeed an electrical journeying through these intensities. There is constant motion in this system, as in all others, and the constant motion within the electrical system makes motion possible within your own system; and "time" is indeed, here, an electrical impulse that grows by intensity, and not by moments.

"To speak of backward and forward is meaningless. There are only various electric pulsations of varying intensities, from strong intensity to ever stronger, to weaker, to fading and again to stronger ever stronger. Since strong intensities are indeed natural results of weaker intensities, it would be meaningless to call one present and one past. Yet within your physical field, and with physical time, you ride the waves of these pulsations, so to speak.

"When the pulsation is weak you call it past, when it is strongest you name it present, and the one that seems to you not yet as strong as present, you name future. For you make the divisions yourselves, and in such a manner have made the framework and all the possibilities, potentials and limitations inherent within a system set up with a divided time system.

"Nor, in the electrical system, is there distance in terms of space or time.

"There is, again, depth which is a depth of intensity; and yet within this depth of intensity there exists distances in terms of action, which is a fairly new idea in these sessions.

"You conceive of action in terms of time, since within the physical field a given action appears to actually take up time, almost in the same way that a chair seems to take up space. The chair of course does not take up space, but is part of what you call space. Nor does the action take up time. It is part of what you call time. Nevertheless, in the electrical system there is distance in terms of action. Each action is separate and not continuous with other action, in terms of continuity.

"The distance occurs within the intensity of an action within the electrical field, as to say, you could fall into depths of intensity. The falling into would itself involve action. The action as it happened, then, falling through the intensity, would be falling into what I mean by distance. Dreams have this kind of distance. Again, as a simple analogy, in a dream you may travel down a road. This involves distance in essence, although within your physical universe the particular road does not exist, so that spatially no distance would exist.

"I mean that the distance would not exist spatially, but the distance would exist. Action within the electrical system, then, would involve this same sort of distance without space; the road would then be an imaginary road of intensity.

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