Friday, January 25, 2019

Rhythms of Consciousness

We humans are "clocked" at about 50 or so perceptions per second. That means that we manifest our complete body and its perceived reality out of pure conscious energy into physical matter, moment by moment, and make it look like it's happening a 50th of a second between moments.

Imagine an electron ... doing the same thing as us but every femtosecond.  Then try to imagine Gaia's rhythms of consciousness.

“As you know, everything alive is consciousness – and even so-called dead matter possesses its own variety of self-awareness.
“In your terms, the rhythm of some kinds of consciousness would seem exceedingly slow, so that a century might pass between one perception and the next. Other variations might seem amazingly quick – the perceptions following each other so swiftly that they would indeed escape your perception entirely; yet in the wondrous marvels of inner nature, all of these rhythms are connected one to the others, and in a matter of speaking – excuse the pun – they each balance each other.
“It is not so much the actual rhythms that are manifested that make the differences in perception, but the absence of certain other rhythms, upon which perceptions ride.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 17, 1984)

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