Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Natural Exuberance

As I read stuff like this Seth quote it floors me how great a discrepancy there often is between the state of exuberance in the body and its cells … and our thoughts about the body and the world in general.  It seems to me that mind-body integration really is about the mind enjoying that spontaneous, highly creative state of exuberance that exists in every part of our body and in everything around us ... right down to the smallest sub-atomic particle.  That is living in a true state of grace.

Be exuberant!

“The body consciousness, on its own, is filled with exuberance, vitality, and creativity.
“Each most microscopic portion of the body is conscious, strives toward its own goals of development, and is in communication with all other parts of the body.
“The body consciousness is indeed independent.  To a large degree its own defense mechanisms protect it from the mind’s negative beliefs – at least to a large extent.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 7, 1984)

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