Thursday, January 24, 2019

Example of Dementia

My mother died about 14 years go after years of dementia.  It really took off in the late 1999 timeframe when my older sister died … of course, it was up to me to break the news.  Within a year of that, she was in palliative care eventually being unable to speak or move.  The last words she spoke to me were difficult to hear so I asked the Transcendors (channelled by Rik Thurston) what she said.  They said it couldn’t really be translated because she spoke to me in Atlantean … we had lives together in Atlantis and that’s who she saw and where her focus was.

I’ve always understood dementia as being similar to jumping into a swimming pool.  There are those who cannon-ball in and those who sneak in inch by inch.  I got the impression that people with dementia are keeping one foot in this reality and testing the waters before moving on.  That’s pretty much what Seth describes here!.  

“Karina (another patient at the hospital) has that same kind of orientation. At this point in her life, she has actually refused to concentrate upon languages, which would tend to tie her more tightly to the details of the world.  She does “return to the past”, remaking it more to her liking.  Her latest-present is beginning to show signs of a deterioration.  She wants a turning-off point from which to construct other realities, so it is not so much that the latest-present is deteriorating as much as the fact that she is purposely letting her attention wander, and allowing the latest-presents to diminish in strength and vitality.  She will of course construct a new form from which to operate.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

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