Friday, December 31, 2010

Creation of the Universe

The following is an extract from Lazaris' Sirius Connection Workbook (which I highly recommend!).  It describes metaphorically the birth of this Universe.  In my previous blog from Session 58 of the Seth material, I had the image of our Inner Ego blowing bubbles to create the Outer Egos in a particular plane (here our Earthly Plane).  Lazaris uses the same metaphor to describe the birth of this Universe.  In Lazaris' metaphor the Goddess creates a partner (God) which then together manifests All-That-Is.

“Your universe, as we have suggested many times, as we've suggested already this morning, is but one universe among many. It is relatively a small universe — not to suggest that you should feel badly … {laughter} … for despite the consensus reality that bigger is better, despite the male-dominating energy and the comparative energies that say "bigger is better," your universe, though relatively small, is not at all diminished by its size.

“Now we know the word universe by its definition means the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space. We know that it is thought of as "all" and that therefore there can only be one. Yet, by experience and by fact, yours is but one among many dimensional and non-dimensional universes. Yours is a universe by a truer definition: It is that which is versus (turning into) uni (one). Universe.

“And it is mostly space, as you know. And it is mostly outer space as you call it. Before anything, your universe is space. Space. What about before space?

“To understand the Vortex of Sirius and the Sirius Connection, realize that before your universe existed, before it was even conceived, there was nothing. First space had to be created. As with any dimensional creation, first comes space.

“We have suggested that the Goddess energy — the original energy that creates itself without space or time — first creates God. No, we do not mean the God of religious text and doctrine Eastern or Western — not that God that so frequently comes to mind when the word is said or thought. We speak of the genuine article, if you will. We speak of the more-real God that to most remains unknown.

“The Goddess first creates God. She first gives birth to God, if you will, from her womb. The egg of new form, fertilized by the new spark of Her Light, gives birth to that energy — spaceless energy — that is God.

“Why? So that together Goddess and God can continuously create — give birth to — All That Is. Together. Together, we would suggest, because the Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority. She has no desire to have singular supremacy or to be singularly supreme. She has no desire to be absolute. She does want to work together. She always does.

“In the context of your language, and thus in the context of your time, the Goddess first created God so that God with Goddess could create All That Is. The Goddess created the spaceless-space, and then She created the manifestation of the formless-form, if you will, of God.

“She could have gone on and created all space and all manifestation to fill that space. She could have done that on her own and by Herself. But She did not want to.

Instead, as we say, She wanted to do it together. As She desired (and desires still), God and Goddess together gave birth to All That Is. It happened and is always happening. It always will. Out of this "was, is, and will be" a synergy emerges. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. God/Goddess/All That Is is that whole.

“Feminine energy never wants to be singular or supreme. That's something that masculine energy, in its dominating principle, cannot grok. … {laughter} … Whether expressed in the male form or the female form, that dominating masculine energy just cannot … "What do you mean she doesn't want to be supreme or singular? Of course, she does. Everybody does. That's the way the world works."

“Dominating masculine energy just cannot grok … "Wait a minute … ." Startled and stunned, such dominating energy cannot grok it. Even so, feminine energy, genuine feminine — the whole of feminine energy — has no desire to do it alone.

“The Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority, to be the one and only God, who loves you and who will kill you if you don't believe it … {laughter} … who is all-powerful, but cannot seem to reach you if you slip the slightest bit so that you could be totally dominated and controlled by the Devil. … {laughter} … The Goddess has no such desire. She wants to work together.

“She begins all her creation by creating space. To create your universe, a universe of free will, first she had to create space. And so in the fabric, if you will, in the fabric of nothing, through a tiny opening, She blew a bubble. … Now we're talking figuratively here, please! … {laughter} … We're talking poetically, because there are no words to describe what we're attempting to describe … {laughter} …

“Out of nothing, She created a bubble through a tiny tear, if you will, through a tiny rip. … She created space. She created a vastness that is beyond anything you can imagine or believe, beyond anything that you can conceive. She created a mighty and majestic vastness that seems as if it is everything — as if it is all that is. It seems as if there could be nothing more.

“Yet beyond this rip, beyond this tear, and beyond this bubble, there are other rips and tears that likewise seem as if … She blew many bubbles.

“This tear, this rip, through which She created the space that is your universe, is what we call the Vortex of the Goddess — the Vortex of Sirius. It speaks to what we call the Sirius Connection. It is the portal, the doorway, through which all energy flows into your universe. It is first the tear itself; it is then all the mystery and mysticism that connects you to that tear and to the bubble that is nothing within nothing — that is shimmering space.

“It is into this still pond that then enter all the seeds of energy, like tiny little ball bearings, like tiny little pebbles, grains of sand, that have been tossed, tossed into this tranquility, into this stillness. All the seeds begin filling the space. These tiny specks of nothing that are raw energy without form begin to fill the space. And they become fertile with possibility and potential. Impregnated, they begin to grow. In this sea of nothing, scattered throughout it, in every part of it, they begin to grow. A universe has begun as one space — one shimmering bubble — and it continues turning and turning in order to turn into one, once again.

“This universe is a shimmering bubble of free will floating in a torus of space-time. It is a shimmering sphere that seems to function as a dimensional hologram.”

Happy New Year!


  1. This is similar to the gnostic cosmology, but less dramatic.

    1. True. In fact it is a poetic description of a Caballistic creation metaphor. Lazaris uses his interpretation of the Caballah throughout much of his material.