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Emotional Energy and Weather

In this extract from Seth Session 56 (The Early Sessions of the Seth Material, Book 2), Seth describes the effects of discharge of emotional energy on the climate and how war is a means humanity uses to discharge aggresive energy.  With an ever increasing global population and increasing poverty and privation, Seth shows how this can result in increasing war, destruction and adverse climate changes on Earth.  This session provides a graphich example of oneness by showing how there is a constant interchange of energy between what we see as self and notself.
“My earlier remark that the weather affects your moods even as your moods affect the weather, is an important one. There is very much here to be explained.

“Your weather indeed can be with some truth compared to loosely formed, mainly unconstructed energy, in many ways unbridled and uncontrolled by strong centralization of either subconscious or conscious control. The individual, for example, can to some extent for the purposes of our discussion be considered as elements or energy under psychic centralized control. On your plane you are in closed space, so to speak, physical elements formed into a purposeful gestalt.

“Much other energy however, while observing certain inner rules, is not so directed and can be brought under the dominance therefore of purposeful directed gestalts. This of course occurs nevertheless on a subconscious level, representing a spilling over of emotional and psychic energy from self into what is usually considered notself’ and there are, constantly, effects that happen, a flowing back and forth of energy in this way.

“We will study these effects in a most detailed fashion at a later time because of their importance. This may sound unbelievable to you; nevertheless the same effects that cause emotional outbursts also cause physical storms. The basis is the same. The manifestation is different. The particles of air being themselves composed of molecular structures having, as all molecules do, a generalized subconsciousness, and in condensed form a comprehension of the inner laws of the universe, are also then psychic as well as physical structures, as you should by now understand.

“Those that do not presently combine to form a complicated strong identity-pattern nevertheless still maintain the need for value fulfillment. By helping to form into charged emotional patterns, they share in a certain kind of awareness fulfillment otherwise denied to them.

“In their own way they become what we will call pure emotional constructions, forming patterns that operate through emotional impetus that is received from and transmitted by individuals who thereby discharge and yet direct excesses of emotional energy, which the various personalities can no longer hold within the personal domain.

“This material is being delivered somewhat deliberately because of its possibly confusing nature. It is however extremely valid and important, and also represents an example of the manner in which surplus emotional energy is discharged and reused. In various ways this happens in many other fields.

“At the risk of telling you too much too soon, let me add further that when the molecular structures of so-called space are relatively emptied of emotional energy, by a process of psychic osmosis so to speak, they will tap the human source. And not only the human source but other animal sources as well.

When you understand that basically all are one, and that in actuality there are no limitations between self and notself, then these facts will not bother you. It also of course works the other way, so that when an individual feels energy-depleted, he does subconsciously, and by the same sort of process, drain off reserves from nonideintity molecular sources.”

… “In many cases people know truths that they do not realize with the intellect. From time immemorial they have felt emotionally recharged from a storm, and this is of course exactly what happens. The process involved is a constant, necessary and beneficial give and take that results in at least some kind of balance.

“The emotional energy taken from individuals by nonidentity molecular structures is of course returned in a recharged and fresh fashion. Identity-forms or personalities simply cannot handle great surpluses of energy at this time. Therefore the process mentioned indeed acts as an important safety valve. This cannot be stressed too much.

“There is an important relationship, then, between emotional energy and physical climate, and I hope to go into this more deeply. Much energy is used by an individual simply in the construction of the material universe on your plane. Excesses over this survival construction are used in various creative aspects, and represent the basics for culture and civilization.

“Your wars are of course excess, poorly controlled emotional energy. In many cases you have been saved from wars by such things as earthquakes, tornadoes of a vast nature, and other physical catastrophes. It is not that your race has an instinct for destruction, although it does have what can really be called an instinct for manipulation. What seems to be a destructive instinct is instead an inability to control emotional energy, and to discharge it in a most effective manner.

“With your growing population it becomes more difficult to discharge this energy in what I would call natural ways’ that is, by letting it spill over into the nonidentity molecular realm. Privation naturally leads to great aggression of feeling. Where there is great privation there will be a cruel climate, but the climate does not cause the privation. The emotional aggression caused by privation caused the climate.

“Weather goes in cycles, not because cycles are inherent in weather patterns, but because emotional cycles are inherent in individuals, and this also will be explained in time.

“Because of the fact that bad weather has often saved man from wars in the very early stages of human development, man misconstrued this to mean that sacrifice to the elements could save him from calamities of this kind. Sacrifice has nothing to do with it. You have heard doubtlessly of emotional contagion, and of emotional climate, and these terms are well named. Energy changes form constantly, and if it is blocked in one direction it will choose another.

“The Indian rain dances worked. Perhaps now you can understand the reason.”

… “Needless to say, the use of energy, and of emotional energy in particular, varies in the male and female on your plane; and both methods of using and discharging energy are necessary to maintain not only psychic and emotional balance, but also to maintain physical balance as far as living things are concerned, and also in the counterbalancing effects within weather and nature as it exists in your physical universe.

“It is necessary upon your plane that physical constructions arrive and depart. The departure is as necessary as the arrival, for without it new arrivals of any kind would not be possible.

“It is no coincidence that man the hunter seems, at least, to destroy. But this destructiveness in itself serves the purposes of creativeness and arrival. Both are merely faces of the same coin. I am not here saying that all destruction is good, by any means. I am saying that the basic structure involving the constant conception of one life form by another serves the purpose of continuing creation.

“When it is followed without the addition of unrestrained and purposely cruel purposes having nothing to do with the basic necessity; arrival and departure then can be seen as the two faces of male and female, each serving the basic purpose of value fulfillment and creation.

… “As all living things on your plane cooperate to form your physical universe, so therefore do they cooperate to form not only your weather cycles, but your climate cycles in terms of ice ages and tropical spells.”

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