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Seth on Dreams, Joy and Probable Selves

I particularly like the part about JOY!

SESSION, JULY 13, 1971

We are meeting points of the universe and of experience

… You are channels through which various realities merge and meet and in which transmutations constantly occur. You are yourselves, then, warps in the universe as you think of it. You are meeting places where other realities merge and meet. You are intersections, cosmic intersections, and it is up to you as the conscious selves that you think you are now, to listen and watch and to be aware of these portions of your personality that flow through you and in and out of you, in your terms.

And the time has come for you to experience fresh and new concepts and to find them within yourselves for the miracle of consciousness is your own as it is my own, or Ruburt’s own. You are each the miracles of consciousness, and those miracles occur within you constantly in your terms of time. Therefore, each of you possess within yourselves inroads, or if you prefer outroads, where other portions of reality and other selves merge and reemerge, come and go, materialize, in your terms, and dematerialize. The answers, as you know therefore, are not only within yourself but pass through you automatically if you but realize it and know it. And within yourselves you each possess in miniature all the properties of the universe as you conceive of it at this present time. 

So what it seems to you or to your scientists occurs outside of you, occurs within you, and now. Not theoretically, not merely in intuitive terms, but altogether at once regardless of the concepts that you attach to the experience. This is what I hope not to teach you, but to lead you to understand and experience for yourselves. To understand that you are each at the meeting points of the universe and of experience. And that what you observe does not necessarily come from outside of you but from inside of you. I hope to give you the confidence to grasp the freedom then to explore yourselves, easily, freely and joyfully as one of our friends, the flowers, might suddenly choose to explore itself in all its uniqueness.

([Arnold:] “There isn’t really any outside to us is there? So everything is within us.”) 

There is not, indeed, the outside is within you, and anything you think you see outside originates within. 

… You always create it. You create and form your own reality, but you create and form more realities than you consciously realize. Now it is possible, you see, and you are trying to bring what you think of as your conscious self into some awareness of what these other portions of the inner self are up to so, supposing we call your presently conscious self your immediate self. Will you accept that phrase? All right. So we will say you all have immediate selves which deal with the here and now, in those terms. Now the immediate self can indeed become aware of other portions of your own reality, and it is up to you to bring it into line. To some extent you can do this, not entirely, but intuitively you can make great strides. You may not be able to translate the experience clearly, but you may be able to translate it capably enough so that you realize, so that the immediate self realizes, that it is indeed a part of other experiences.

Now All That Is is as much in middle class America as it is in India. All That Is resides as much in the poor suburbanite who mows his lawn and has his endless mortgage as it does in a guru who sits upon his mat. The anguish and the triumph is in each of you. And do not yourself fall into the stereotype of setting the establishment apart for it is also composed of exalted and anguished individuals.

I did not say you were evil, and never would I say such a thing. When you read the record, you will realize that is not what I said. I said, recognize within yourself those evils that you recognize in others, but I meant only those things that in your own mind you set up as evil for you project those things upon others and make your own reality. Now, the barriers you see do not exist in the children but in yourself. And that is what I want you to understand.



but I have some remarks for our regular students having to do with your dreams. We mentioned sometime ago an experiment. Now the visitors that have been here until this evening had a part to play in that experiment. Other portions of the experiment, however, are concerned with your dream states and those individuals that you are meeting. Besides the associates and friends that you know in your daily waking life, you also have a quite legitimate relationship with people that you do not know as you go about your daily concerns. And you perform work of which you are unaware as you go about your daily way. Now some of you are ready to meet these other associates. They are people living on the face of the earth at this time. People that you have never met physically and probably will never meet, in those terms, but you are involved often as apprentices in joint endeavors and it is time that you become aware to some extent of your relationship. Those that escape you in the dream state. Therefore, I want you to take particular notice of people in your dreams who are strangers to you. You may encounter them in class dreams. You may also encounter them, however, in dreams that seem to have no great meaning. These people cooperate with you as you cooperate with them. You are involved with many activities. Helping people who have died, in your terms, speaking to others who are quite alive, in the dream state, learning to understand and manipulate subjective realities. 

Now there are two main possibilities that can emerge here, and these people can become quite real to you. You have begun to become aware of some of your own reincarnational existences. Because of this you have been able to relate to yourself and to others in a more effective manner and to understand others from a different point of view. Now, however, you should also become aware of other personalities who work with you when your normally conscious ego is quieted. Some of you already have clues.

Now, this requires some study and means that you will have to remember your dreams much more effectively than some of you are doing.  And I am giving you the impetus.  When possible, think of these persons also when you discover them so that in your daily waking life you can receive some more intuitional information as to the kind of work and endeavors in which you are all involved.  We want you to become aware of all of your activities, not simply your conscious ones.  You are using abilities in that work that you are not using as yet in your conscious lives, and I want you to become aware of what these abilities are.  They can also help you deal much more effectively with physical reality and help you understand it far better.  You may find several of you involved in the same work in the dream state.  And so, also, keep track of whatever class members may appear within these dreams.  Then when you are doing well in class, you will be able to relate not only to some reincarnational selves but to the inner self and to its activities and use these activities to enrich your normal daily encounters and to increase the nature and extent of your perceptions.


Now if there is any discipline that I would tell you to adapt, it would be the discipline of joy which is spontaneous and from which, initially, all creativity comes. Within yourselves you understand the meaning of the word joy, then you will find no contradiction.  Sorrow of itself can be negative or positive according to the reasons why you entertain it.  Detachment can be negative or positive according to the reasons that you adopt it.  Joy, faithfully followed, can lead you to the inner vitality that dwells within yourself and, hence, to All That Is.

If you understood and felt the joy within your own being, you would have no need of questions.  You would know without words.  If you would allow yourselves the freedom to meet, not some great teacher, not to run from teacher to teacher, but if you could meet the vitality within one cell, even one molecule of your body, you would have no need for questions.

No one can order you to feel joy.  You cannot order yourselves to feel joy.  It requires freedom.  You can releasee yourselves to the sensation of joy and then follow it.  I saw the yawn, and in the yawn there is joy.  The yawn is a spontaneous expression of the body and within that there is joy.

I expect you to release your energy both in the dream state and the waking state.  I expect that each of you will become more and more aware of your own uniqueness.  Be able to meet and recognize the realities of your own personality.  To appreciate them as if you saw them suddenly appearing before you.  To appreciate yourself as you might another.  To be astonished and amazed with your own individuality.

Probable Selves

([Margie:] “Why this urgency to get to know this other probable system?”)

Because they are yourselves.  Because there is no division between you.  Because it is a part of your own identity.  Because you are learning then to become acquainted with the whole, or in your terms, to become acquainted with the entire reality of the soul as it has meaning to you.

([Margie:] “But there are many probable selves, are there not?”)

There are indeed.  Why should the soul be limited?  The soul is not a thing that you have.  The soul is not the consciousness that you know.  The soul is far beyond the consciousness that you presently experience.  It is only your own ideas of a limited self that make you think in terms of such a closed soul.  There are no closed systems, and there is no end to the growth of the soul.

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