Monday, October 29, 2018

Intellect arises from the inner magical rationality

This Seth is getting pretty philosophical, so a lot of the ’New Age’ people skip over it because they don’t really want to think.

It is funny though, in a way, that all of our attempts to reverse engineer the psyche (from the ‘outside’ - from physical sensory experience - to the inner reality from which all of this arises) are doomed.  Physics has never been able to explain consciousness or the origin of matter, energy, etc. … rather, physics only attempts to create mathematical models to predict behaviour (i.e. to describe the predictable ticking of a clock but with no idea as to where the clock came from or how it was built).  Similarly, attempts to understand consciousness with the ‘intellect’ are doomed since consciousness gives rise to the material manifestation of time, space, brain and what we know of as ‘intellect’.  

In one of the Seth channellings, he coined the term “dream art scientist” to describe science based on inner (psychic) perceptions.  Alice Bailey did a bit of that when she drew a picture of an electron based upon her altered state of consciousness.  So it would appear that real scientific progress will happen when we lose our fixation on technology, laboratories, etc. and instead start working with our inner consciousness in harmony with the source of our being and start to commune with the sentience of atomic particles, other life forms, the planet we live in, the solar system, etc.

“It seems, because of the definitions you have been taught, that there is only one narrow kind of rationality, and that if you forsake the boundary of that narrow definition, then you become irrational, fanatic, mad, or whatever.
“The thin, cold “rationality” that is recognized as such is instead a fake veneer covering a far deeper spontaneous rationality, and it is the existence of that magical rationality that provides the basis for the intellect to begin with.  The rationality that you accept is then but one small clue as to the spontaneous inner rationality that is a part of each natural person.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session Two)

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