Thursday, October 11, 2018


The answers, therefore, lie as close as your own back-door steps, for at the thresholds of your beings you automatically stand in the center of knowledge.  You are never at the periphery of events ...

"Such considerations should naturally spark within you far vaster and yet far more intimate insights – insights in whose light the hazy rhetoric of prepackaged knowledge begins to disappear.  As it does, so the speakers within each of you can rise to the surface of ordinary consciousness without being considered blabbermouths or mad men and women, or fools, without having to distort their information simply to bring it to your attention.  The speakers are those inner voices that first taught you physical languages.  You could be equally correct in calling them the voices of electrons or the voices of the gods, for each is a representation of All That Is, overflowing like a fountain both with knowledge and with love.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

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