Sunday, October 21, 2018

Natural Time and Cultural Time

“There is certainly a kind of natural physical time in your experience, and in the experience of any creature.  It involves the rhythm of the seasons – the days and nights and tides and so forth.  In the light of that kind of physical time, which is involved within earthly biology, there is no basic cultural time.  That is, to this natural rhythm you have culturally added the idea of clocks, moments and hours and so forth, which you have transposed over nature’s rhythms.
“Such a cultural time works well overall for the civilization that concentrates upon partialities, bits and pieces, assembly lines, promptness of appointments, and so forth.  It fits an industrialized society as you understand it.
“The time that any artistic creator is involved with follows earth’s own time, however.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

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