Monday, October 8, 2018

Life Clouds

Here is the entire session on "Life Clouds" from Volume 2 of "Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment".  This is fun to read before bed time or before launching on an open-ended meditation.


Session 939

Joseph (Rob) used the term today in a discussion, and it is an excellent description of the way in which your universe was “initially” seeded. 

Understand, however, that the term “dream cloud” would serve as well.  [Yet] it is an evocative reference to the way that All That Is packaged itself in the formation of its numberless realities.  Such life clouds “still” exist.  Each seed of life, of living, contains within itself its own protective coating, its own placenta of necessary nourishment and environmental circumstances, its own system and branches of probabilities.

Those branches of probabilities act like remote sensors, seeking out those conditions that will be suited to the seed’s best value fulfillment and development.  In the simplest of terms, the life clouds will send forth their contents where circumstances best meet their own requirements.  On the other hand, the life clouds can seed their own worlds completely.  Space itself already speaks of a creation “begun”, for no matter how empty space may seem to be it simply appears like a vast cathedral, or tent or pyramid of form, for the moment perhaps vacant inside, with walls so distant that they go unperceived.

Probabilities may be swirling everywhere, yet remain of course unperceived in any given instant, so that you might in this odd strange analogy hear a dim brief whirr, as in the whirling of winds, and think it unimportant – while what you heard instead was an entire world of probabilities speed past where you stood.

Your own entire structure of life, therefore, with its acute and precise definitions in the package of reality, is a living life cloud that may or may not be perceived in other realities.  That cloud contains within it ever-freshening sources of new creativity.  When you dream or sleep or think, you automatically add to other dimensions of a life cloud or dream cloud that emerge from the very actions of your own subjective motions.

Even infinity is being everywhere expressed in each moment, for infinity itself is not something apart from what the universe is.  As the universe is a portion of infinity’s creativity, in that light there are new species appearing all of the time, whether or not your own situation allows you to perceive that emergence.  You yourselves may be portions of that emergence.  From your threshold or focus you would be relatively unaware of your own motion on a new time threshold – for to the beings on that threshold you would have already arrived, while to you in your present their existence would at best be theoretical, as if they were future selves.  From your standpoint, they would be, of course.

At other levels your dreams mix and intertwine not only with those of your contemporaries, but with those of all times and places, living or dead in your terms.  Each universe – such as the one you know – serves as a small colony of existence, and is infinite within the characteristics of its own nature.

Some of this evening’s material will only have meaning to you in the dream state, for that matter, and the words of the book may stir some of those meanings into your attention.  Each portion of all such life clouds seeks value fulfillment, again, but that term itself is woefully inadequate to express the nature of life’s diversity, purpose, or meaning.

This purpose or meaning does not exist apart from your own existence, however.  You are a part of life’s meaning and purpose – but those purposes, “coming from” the source of your own being, are too great to be expressed or described within the structure of your personhood as you understand it.  Such understanding is often experienced or sensed, however, sometimes as you are listening to music or when you are deeply stirred by emotion, and when you do not place a great distance between it and yourself.

Attending to the life that you have with love, beginning “where you are”, will best allow you such a feeling for your own meaning.

What do I mean by such attention?  Attention to the moment as it is presented.  Attention to the table of rich reality as it appears before you.  Attention to the kind of person you are, and to the loving appreciation of your own uniqueness.  To attend to your life in such a fashion brings you into a clearer communication with the inner action of your own existence.

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