Sunday, October 28, 2018

Isolation of the Intellect

Seth’s observation that we isolate the intellect and rely totally on it in our society and culture is certainly as obvious today as it was in Jane Roberts’ day.  In fact, it’s getting worse with the pursuit of “machine intelligence” to mimic human intellect.  All of this is because of the denial by “science" that consciousness is pervasive and foundational to physical reality.  

Oh well, humanity apparently needs to explore all possible options before accepting the reality of our human existence.  

Until then, enjoy the dreams, insights, intuition, and creativity that exist in the magical lives that we live.

“It is not that you overuse the intellect as a culture, but that you rely upon it to the exclusion of all other faculties in your approach to life.
“The intellect is brilliant, but on its own, now, it is indeed in its way isolated both in time and space in a way that other portions of the personality are not.  When it is overly stressed, with all of the usual frameworks or rationales that go along with it, it can indeed become frightened, paranoid, because it cannot really perceive events until they have already occurred.  It does not know what will happen tomorrow, and since it is overly stressed, its paranoid tendencies can only fear the worst.
“Now those tendencies are not natural to the intellect, but only appear when it is forced to operate in such an isolated fashion – isolated not only in time and space, but psychologically isolated from other portions of the personality that are meant to bring it additional information that it does not possess, and a kind of magical support.”

(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session Two)

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  1. For those familiar with the Wingmakers material, this diversion into AI may be a necessary step to the discover of the "Grand Portal"

    Significance of the Grand Portal Discovery
    Question 24-S3 – The Plan that the Hierarchy seeks to implement is subject to modifica-
    tions continually. What are the top five of their major priorities today?
    A. Priorities are not assessed numerically. In other words, there is a fundamental purpose within the Hierarchy and hundreds of related tactics. Some tactics may have more near- term importance than others, and to this extent, there is a sense of priority, but everything is part of a single, evolutionary system that positions the human species and proof of soul on a collision course.
    Every evolutionary system is designed to ultimately transform into an innovative system with a new, but related purpose. Evolutionary systems have a distinctive culmination that is the catalyst that enables the transformation to occur. In the case of humanity’s present evolutionary system, the discovery of the Grand Portal is the distinctive culmination, and when it occurs, it will shift the evolutionary system from a human species/planetary focus to an interdimensional species/intergalactic focus based on humanity’s ability to use the Grand Portal as an interface to the Sovereign Integral Network.
    The responsible application of the Grand Portal will fall to the disciples of the Sacred Path to faithfully execute. All of the training, preparation, and sacrifice of today is designed to enable the disciples of the future to responsibly manage and protect the findings of the Grand Portal. This is the focal point of the Hierarchy, though not all within the Hierarchy is aware of this overarching goal and its culmination, which is anticipated in the latter quar- ter of the 21st century.