Friday, June 23, 2017

Illness and epidemics

Today's Seth shows another dimension of that mantra "You Create Your Own Reality" or YCYOR for short. 

We've been conditioned to believe that illness happens to us, that viruses cause illness, that genetics determines our fate, etc.  While it may look like that in an objective reality where technology is king, this is not in fact the case. 

I recall reading a story from the time that the theory that illness was caused by bacteria and viruses was created.  Apparently, there was a scientist who drank a glass of water infected with plague or something like that and showed no ill effects ... to prove that his theory, that large populations of a certain bacteria or virus were indicators of a pre-existing illness, and that illness was not caused by these pathogens.  As we know, he was outvoted by "scientists".  But, basically, Seth tells us that this "rebel" scientists was, in fact, correct.

Have a healthy, happy, loving day.

"Many viruses inherently capable of causing death, in normal conditions contribute to the overall health of the body, existing side by side as it were with other viruses, each contributing quite necessary activities that maintain bodily equilibrium.
"If [certain viruses] are triggered, however, to higher activity or overproduction by mental states, they then become "deadly".  Physically they may be passed on in whatever manner is peculiar to a specific strain.  Literally, individual mental problems of sufficient severity emerge as social, mass disease.
"The environment in which an outbreak occurs points at the political, sociological, and economic conditions that have evolved, causing such disorder."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

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