Thursday, June 15, 2017

Always look at the bright side of life ...

The subject (above) is a line from a song from Monty Python's Life of Brian ... sung by Brian and the other guys as they're hanging from their respective crosses at the end of the movie.  It kind of sums up Seth's idea here.  It's a basic principle of manifestation. 

The universe responds to what you place your attention on (without passing judgement).  Actually, it resonates with the feeling tone that you're radiating and you're underlying intent, not the words that you may be saying. 

Physical reality is a Cosmic feedback system for beginners in the art of creation ... hence it's no surprise that if you hold feelings, beliefs, etc. focused around "bad" things, then "bad" things appear in your reality or the reality of those who you know or read about.  Again, this is easy to say, but often hard to do because our physical reality perception machine (aka the body) comes equipped with powerful chemical messages called emotions and a linear 3D brain that is wired from birth to prepare for the worst (a survival instinct). 

Luckily, we can have moments of love and joy that override the brain wiring and recalibrate us to becoming more of the "godlet" that we have potential to be!

"You form your own reality.  That reality contributes to the experience of others, but each of you possesses a unique, original stance in space and time that is yours alone in quite practical terms, regardless of time's relative existence.
"Only when you operate from your own stance can you help others to the best of your ability.  To anticipate danger, or to imaginatively take on the troubles of others robs you of the very energy with which you could help them.  I am not saying, therefore, to turn your eyes from the unfortunate conditions of the world.  Practical help is needed in all areas of the human life.  Yet it is far better, and more practical ultimately, to concentrate upon the beneficial elements of civilization - far better to organize your thoughts in areas of accomplishment than to make mental lists of man's deficiencies and lacks."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

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