Sunday, June 11, 2017

We Chose This World

Today’s Seth quote is advice to Jane Roberts and her husband Rob Butts.  Like them we didn’t chose holocaust nor did we chose Utopia (world peace).  Instead we chose the struggle of humanity dealing with individual, group, and planetary issues in a context of duality … finding the balance between dark and light, truth and lies, self and other, responsibility and rights, etc.  We found it to be way more interesting to incarnate ourselves as us in this context … rather than read about it in a history book a thousand years from now in another lifetime.  What is interesting is that there really are no logically correct answers and absolutes … instead it’s all about what I call “local optimization”.  As human beings, we try to optimize things that impact us directly in a very narrow and limited domain of time and space.  Each layer of groupings all the way up to nations tend to do the same thing … particularly the U.S. under their current president.

The fundamental issue is that we are not separate but we cannot understand that in our dualistic logic system of true or false, black and white.  Imagine if the cells of our body, which are individuals having a very personal life experience in a collective called the human body … imagine if the cells of our body functioned like we do internationally.  That condition is known as cancer!

“(To Rob Butts:) Since your birth a probability has occurred that you could have followed in which your wars did not happen.  There is another probability in which the Second World War ended in nuclear destruction, and you did not enter that one either.  You chose “this” probable reality in order to ask certain questions about the nature of man – seeing him where he wavered equally between creativity and destruction, knowledge and ignorance; but a point that contained potentials for the most auspicious kinds of development, in your eyes.  The same applies to Ruburt.

“In a way, man is trans-species at this point in probability.  It is a time and a probability in which every bit of help is needed, and your talents, abilities, and prejudices made you both uniquely fitted for such a drama.  At the same time, do not dwell too much upon that world situation, for a concentration upon your own nature and upon the physical nature of your world – the seasons, and so forth – allows you to refresh your own energy, and frees you to take advantage of that clear vision that is so necessary.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

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