Sunday, June 18, 2017

Seek Exuberance

If we had to pick a single word as a mantra to hold in each moment of life, it would be “exuberance".  I think that word best expresses the absolute creative joy and love of All That Is.  The true state of All That Is is unknowable from our conscious perspective and our Inner Self spends an eternity in its exploration (though it never left being one with All That Is).  What a beautiful journey.

I picture Seth now as the most interesting man in the world (a beer commercial) who sums up by saying “Stay thirsty my friends!”  Seth would instead say “Stay exuberant my friends”.

“You are a portion of All That Is; therefore, the universe leans in your direction.  It gives.  It rings with vitality.  Then forsake beliefs that tell you otherwise.  Seek within yourself – each of you – those feelings of exuberance that you have, even if they are only occasional, and encourage those events or thoughts that bring them about.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

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