Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Be Here Now

One of my favourite authors is Ram Dass ... one of Timothy Leary's compatriots who went to India (instead of prison) to see how good acid was by offering it to gurus.  They all said the same thing .. this stuff is pretty good but you don't need it and it will get in the way.  Eventually he met a guru and the stories of this man and the profound love of his protégés was enlightening and an inspiration.  "Be Here Now" was the title of Ram Dass's best known book ... "Still Here" was pretty good too!  Anyway, I find this Seth quote reminds me of Ram Dass!

Being here now is one of the most difficult life practices.  I meditated for years and went to a Buddhist temple for several years.  What I noticed was the immense, uplifting serenity I felt in a group meditation at a temple ... and how quickly that dissipated when I went out the door.  

"Whatever your scientists think, your body and your consciousness and your universe spring constantly into actualization.  Therefore, through cultivating the clear experience of your own consciousness and being with time and with the moment as you feel it, you can draw upon the greater vitality and power that is available.
"To do this, rely upon your immediate sense data ... That primary sense data, while pinpointed in the present, providing you with the necessary stance in time, still can open up to you the timelessness from which all time emerges, can bring you intuitive intimations, hinting at the true nature of the ever-present coming-to-be of the universe.
"That kind of experience will let you glimpse the larger patterns of man's creativity, and your part in it."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 799)

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