Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seth on vaccination

Today's Seth makes a lot of sense ... more sense than the polarized pro-vaccination/anti-vaccination extremist fights we see in the media.  It always seemed funny to me that people who have been vaccinated are afraid to meet someone who isn't ... doesn't that mean that they believe the vaccination won't work?  So much for logic in political debates.  Ultimately it's all about belief ... YCYOR!

"In the case of any given disease this procedure might work quite well for those who believe in it.  It is, however, the belief, and not the procedure, that works.
"I am not recommending that you abandon the procedure when it obviously works for so many - yet you should understand why it brings about the desired result.
"Such medical technology is highly specific, however.  You cannot be inoculated with the desire to live, or with the zest, delight, or contentment of the healthy animal.  If you have decided to die, protected from one disease in such a manner, you will promptly come down with another, or have an accident.  The immunization, while specifically effective, may only reinforce prior beliefs about the body's ineffectiveness.  It may appear that left alone the body would surely develop whatever disease might be "fashionable" at the time, so that the specific victory might result in the ultimate defeat as far as your beliefs are concerned."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

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