Monday, June 12, 2017

From Apprentice to Genius

I love this Seth quote and the idea of being a creative genius in apprenticeship. 

When we kick in the human  brain and logic, things generally get bad because we seem to be wired to think of all potential difficulties, dwell on them, and then watch them manifest.  That's why we're apprentices I guess. 

We also have a very rudimentary (3D, linear time, duality, true-false logic system, etc.) manifestation playground which in itself can never ever completely work but which is like making stick figure drawings of things beyond time, space and form ... the abstract feelings and gestalts of awareness that are hints of the vastness of the real reality.

“There are those who make careers of condemning the faults and failings of others, or of the species itself, and because of that attitude man’s great energy and good intent remain invisible.  Man is in the process of becoming.  His works are flawed – but they are the flawed apprentice works of a genius artist in the making, whose failures are indeed momentous and grotesque only in the light of his sensed genius, which ever leads him and directs him onward.

“When you are considering the future in your terms, constructive achievements are as realistic as destructive ones.  In those terms, each year of man’s existence in fact justifies a more optimistic rather than pessimistic view.  You cannot place man’s good intent outside of the physical context, for outside of that context you do not have the creature that you know.  You cannot say that nature is good, but spawned man, which is a cancer upon it, for nature would have better sense.  You cannot say, either that “Nature” will destroy man if he offends her, or that “Nature” has little use for its own species, but only wants to promote “Life” for “Nature” is within each member of each species; and without each member of each species, “Nature” could be nonexistent.

“Because you are natural creatures, within you there is a natural state of being.  That state can be an ever-present reservoir of peace, vitality, and understanding.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 799)

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