Saturday, June 3, 2017

Everything is Conscious

From time to time I imagine how the things around me are aware of my thoughts, feelings, love, joy, etc.  Seth here is pointing out that the very building blocks of matter are conscious ... but that also means that every construct from atoms to molecules, DNA, cells, bodies, tables, earth, solar system, galaxies, on up are all different forms of consciousness, gestalts. 

Generally, wherever we see rotation (e.g. the earth rotates around the sun) and revolution (the earth revolves on it's axis) we have a gestalt of consciousness.  It is a very grounding and energizing thing to do some times, to relax (in your pool, etc.) and feel that consciousness. 

I was at a conference once and I wanted to know what gravity felt like in terms of this consciousness, so I tuned in to the attraction between the earth and the sun ... it was literally an eye watering feeling of immense love.  What we know as physics are mathematical models of this immense love, Cosmic love!  What we call quantum mechanics and statistical physics are models of the group behaviour of societies!

"There is no such thing, in your terms, as nonliving matter.  There is simply a point that you recognize as having the characteristics that you have ascribed to life, or living conditions - a point that meets the requirements that you have arbitrarily set.
"This makes it highly difficult in a discussion, however, for there is no particular point at which life was inserted into nonliving matter.  There is no point at which consciousness emerged.  Consciousness is within the tiniest particle, whatever its life conditions seem to be, or however it might seem to lack those conditions you call living."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 796)

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