Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where is space, when is time

An underlying theme of the Life of Al has been a quest to understand where space is and when time is and how we put all this stuff together (by the way, this has been an ongoing quest over many lifetimes ... and it likely will never end because it's basically unknowable! ... that makes for a great bucket list!).  That is why I studied theoretical physics and why that morphed into metaphysics for me.  Meditation has helped a lot to get a feel (gestalt of awareness) of how we do all this and to cruise the Cosmos in time and space, but the quest is really unending .. as is All That Is.

"The motion and energy of the universe still come from within.  ...
"Because each hypothetical, conceivable portion of the universe is conscious, the Planner is within the plan itself in the greatest of terms - perhaps basically inconceivable to you.  There is of course no "outside" into which the invisible universe materialized, since all does indeed exist in a mental, or psychic, or spiritual realm quite impossible to describe.  To you your universe seems, now, objective and real, and it seems to you that at one time at least this was not the case, so you ask about its creation and the evolution of the species.  My answer has been couched in the terms in which the question is generally asked.
"While you believe in and experience the passage of time, then such questions will naturally occur to you, and in that fashion.  Within that framework they make sense.  When you begin to question the nature of time itself, then the "when" of the universe is beside the point."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

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