Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make the most of each moment - for yourself and humanity

Today's Seth quote provides a much more believable explanation of the diversity of life on this planet and the fundamental nature of cooperation among species which is so essential for long term survival.  It's about the quality of the experience and not "survival of the fittest".  When you think in terms of multiple universes, unlimited time, and free will ... it seems obvious that individuals and species will be drawn to the most rewarding experiences that resonate with their consciousness and energy.  People, like species, exit a plane or incarnation when they're done or bored ... then they move on, ad infinitum.  It's our destiny, our job, in this life to make the most of each moment.  We're here to express our vitality with love and exuberance.

Make each moment count ... for yourself, humanity and the planet!  Enjoy!

"There has been great discussion in past years about the survival of the fittest, in Darwinian terms, but little emphasis is placed upon the quality of life, or of survival itself; or in human terms, [there has been] little probing into the question of what makes life worthwhile.  Quite simply, if life is not worthwhile, no species will have a reason to continue.
"Civilizations are literally social species.  They die when they see no reason to live, yet they seed other civilizations.  Your private mental states en masse bring about the mass cultural stance of your civilization.  To some extent, then, the survival of your civilization is quite literally dependent upon the condition of each individual; and that condition is initially a spiritual, psychic state that gives birth to the physical organism.  That organism is intimately connected to the natural biological state of each other person, and to each other living thing, or entity, however minute.
"Despite all "realistic" pragmatic tales to the contrary, the natural state of life itself is one of joy, acquiescence with itself - a state in which action is effective, and the power to act is a natural right."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

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