Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Living Love-In

Seth's message today highlights the fundamental cooperation (at all levels of physical reality) required to create us and the world.  Atoms form molecules out of love and value fulfillment (expanding experience).  Similarly, living cells and material objects are formed by the loving cooperation and sheer joy of molecular attraction.  This goes all the way up to bodies, species, the planet, the solar system, the universe, the Cosmos, All That Is ... everything is a living love-in at greater and greater scope and scale.  This is a way better (and more accurate) understanding of life on earth than Darwin could ever have dreamed of.

Enjoy the experience!

"In other terms, the world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the Planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained; nor is there anywhere, within it anything that corresponds to your survival-of-the-fittest theories.
"These are creative distortions on your part, directly related to specializations of consciousness that cut you off from the greater concourse existing at other levels between the species and the land.  Again, consciousness everywhere pervades the universe, and is aware of all conditions.  The balance of nature upon your planet is no chance occurrence, but the result of constant, instant computations on the part of each most minute consciousness, whether it forms part of a rock, a person, an animal, a plant.  Each invisibly "holds space together", whatever its station.  This is a cooperative venture."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

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