Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Unfinished business

This Ramtha quote here is a linear time interpretation of a multidimensional process.  

As we know from Seth and Lazaris, all lifetimes occur simultaneously in the spacious present.  As Lazaris points out, we incarnate with a set of "life focuses" ... simply put, we share three focuses which are common to all of us as living expressions of a joy filled, loving, creative God/Goddess/All That Is; plus, four "electives" which comprise our personal agenda and the energetic linkages with other, concurrent lifetimes (what is usually called karma).  

Ramtha's quote makes sense in that the first pass over the brain configures the brain to fit in with the energetic patterns of connected lifetimes, like booting a computer and connecting to the internet.  From this starting point, the incarnation is then positioned to coherently expand the knowing of our collective consciousness of Spirit and Higher Self (aka the "cloud").

“What is the reason that we are here?  You incarnated into this body and have an agenda from the Plane of Bliss. You have something to do here: the unfinished business and getting on with creating, making known the unknown. You can’t go further making known the unknown until you finish your job from your last lifetime.  So, what will be the first stream that will be laid down? The unfinished business from the last lifetime.  That is the first pass over the brain.  The reason that is the first pass over the brain is because the body has to be oriented or destined to a place in which the body, containing the Spirit, can finish the business of its mother’s and father’s kingdom and interact.  That is the first pass.  When that is all done then we get to make known the unknown, that which we have never done.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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