Thursday, September 26, 2019

Recycling energy

In the Ramtha description of manifestation, everything is an interaction of consciousness and energy.  So, when we manifest form out of energy through our consciousness, we are working with other consciousnesses (e.g. proton, electron, atom, molecule, Gaia, etc.) to shape energy into a 3D snapshot of material expression.

Lazaris says the same thing but uses a TV metaphor.  In that TV metaphor, we use consciousness to change the vibration of our surrounding field of energy to create the body and perceived physical awareness.  On a computer screen or TV screen, the surface is covered in RGB pixels which can combine to present themselves in a range of perceived colours.  So when someone appears to walk across the TV screen there actually is no physical motion ... it's just "consciousness" (in this case the TV signal) changing the vibration of each pixel to give the perception of motion.

This is what we do spontaneously, without a moments thought, all the time that we have a physical body.

“An atom is only one form that energy wears.  Energy has created itself into every particle that ever existed.  There is a conservation of energy in nature and it simply means that there are no set tachyons, and indeed there are no set light photons, and indeed there are no set electrons.  Electrons have been nuclei, nuclei have been light photons, light photons have been tachyons – all particles.  Why is this important for you to remember?  For you as a student to know that you don’t need to get more energy, you just have to recycle the energy you currently have. And you can have everything.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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