Friday, September 27, 2019

Having everything

Today's Ramtha quote highlights what Lazaris pointed out in one of their earliest sessions entitled "Reality Creation - The Basics".  Here is a link to a downloadable recording of that material from my website:

It's hard to imagine this, but we actually pop moments of 3D reality, body and all, out of pure energy and make it look like it's happening roughly 50 times a second in our linear time construct.  Imagine the power of the adepts who mastered this knowledge and could change "reality TV channels" from moment to moment.  Clearly, most of us are not ready for that ... and that's one of the reasons why we're here ... to learn how we create and how we manifest perceptions of our creations.

In our day to day life, literally every moment is brand new ... when we wake up to a new day we literally awaken to a whole new day.  When we want to change ourselves or our reality (they are the same thing) we go through a time-based process and usually struggle because we believe we need to ... but the change happens in an instant, between moments of manifestation.

Have fun with this ....

“Having everything doesn’t mean that you have to work out forty times a day to get energy.  It doesn’t mean that.  It just means that the energy that is around your body right now that has held your mundane life into existence, mundane particles, can be traded in for outrageous particles and you don’t have to do anything.  You just have to re-form the holograms, and the moment you re-form the hologram as the Observer, your life will dissolve and re-form.
“Do you understand, at least theoretically, that what you are thinking about affects the energy around you?”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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