Monday, September 9, 2019

Spirit activates the brain when ready

“Children rarely create reality until their spiritual self has been activated, because youth is about putting together neurons in the form of memory in the brain.  Children interact.  They don’t create; they interact.  They go to school.  Someone tells them what to do.  They memorize it.  Every day they participate in life.  They don’t create it.  Now why is it that the spiritual doesn’t happen until a certain time that you, as Spirit, decide to activate the brain?  Because we are here to create reality and reality’s creation develops mind.
“The Spirit knows everything.  It knows all of this.  It is bringing the brain into a state of technical and time maturity.  What children know today, children fifty years ago did not know.  If you lived fifty years ago and died, you would want to be reborn today because the advances in mind have been extraordinary in fifty years, and that is what you are after here.
“So now you know how to read and write.  You know how to do numbers.  You know color.  Your mind has been developed towards the arts.  You know how to create sound.  You know how to communicate.  And then you have your little prejudices peppered through all of that, some of which have been your parents’.  Now that you know a lot, the Spirit then wakes up.
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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