Friday, September 6, 2019

Brain-Mind Interface

“All of us, you and I, incarnated here, and we helped create this body and made the body self-perpetuating.  We did that, and that is in the mind of God.  This body is part of the mind of God.  But the reason that this becomes so important to us is because the human brain is a biocomputer.  It is a compelling statement, but it is.  It is a computer because a stream of consciousness, which you are, surrounds the body and is always moving through this brain.  Energy undulates.  That is why it is called the serpent.  Your consciousness and your energy hold this present body together.  So your present body is continuously being affected by and bathed in a stream of consciousness, as well as prior mind.
“We have to have something that that energy can move through that was created specifically to fire and receive high levels of subtle energy and be able to be so subtle to pick it up and transfer that energy into electrical firing at a very minute place in the brain.  The stream of consciousness flows always from the lower cerebellum up through the neocortex.  The neocortex is the new brain.  It is the ignorant brain.  You are just starting.  In this school, we call that the yellow brain.  It is the new brain born with this physical body in this lifetime.
“Now this brain back here, the lower cerebellum, is an amazing entity because it is passed on through every genetic line and it doesn’t change.  Your physicians call this the old reptilian brain.  ...  Every time that you copulate and bring forth children in the fruit of the womb, it is programmed that everybody will have that brain.  It is inherited in every generation so that the mind of God, and you coming into that body with all of your knowledge, is carried with you.  That is why when you learn to tap the subconscious, you are tapping the mind of God.  This knows exactly why you are here.  It knows your agenda here and why you are back in this body.
“The neocortex doesn’t know anything other than what the environment has taught it.  It is our computer and it is with this computer that we freeze, in time, ourself.  How does that work?  The frontal lobe, your forehead, is often referred to as the third eye, and it is a little confused that the seat of the soul is connected to the pineal gland.  The reason that the frontal lobe is so important is because whatever thought rests there becomes reality itself.
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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