Sunday, September 22, 2019

Energy Behaves to God (Us)

Today's Ramtha quote is referring to the famous double slit experiment.  In that experiment, particles (e.g. photons, electrons, etc.) exhibit wave-like interference properties when sent through a pair of slits sufficiently close together.

In a way, the quantum result would be more understandable if it occurred only when we bombarded the slits with an intense beam - a beam in which particles are continuously interacting with each other in real time as they went through the slits.  The problem is that this effect is seen even if you sent the particles through the slits one at a time ... even days or years apart!  To make matters worse, the effect disappears if we observe which slot the particle "went through" ... during the experiment or later!

Richard Feynman was famous for saying that if one understood and could explain the double-slit experiment, then one would understand quantum mechanics.  Even today, physicists cannot explain these experimental results because physics does not recognize consciousness as the foundation of material reality.

Ramtha here provides the only plausible explanation.

“If you don’t believe me, have respect for science, believe them, because they showed that even when they sneaked behind light’s back, light knew the game.  It knew exactly what to do.  Normally a ray of light would just hit a straight line, but these photon particles and waves went through the slit and onto the back wall.  Don’t you think then that the energy that exists between you and me is hyperintelligent?  But if it is so intelligent, why does it need you?  Because you are the Observer, you are God, and energy behaves to God.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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