Saturday, September 28, 2019

Our life is what we created it to be

Today’s Ramtha quote can be a tough one to accept.  We’ve been conditioned to have a victim mentality … “others” do things to us, diseases happen to us, governments do things to us, technology will save us, … etc.

We don’t really get it that, out of the infinite number of possibilities for this moment and this lifetime, we’ve precisely selected this one to experience.  The details of this lifetime and the perceived content of each and every moment in this lifetime represent symbolically facets of the issues that we're most interested in.  With each experienced moment we learn and make choices that move us among the possibilities and probabilities that we are aware of … always seeking, experiencing and creating new possibilities in an unending, infinite quest to explore the infinity of God/Goddess/All That Is … our source and our heritage.

Enjoy the journey!

“Consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality.  Well, what is reality?  Your reality is composed of all the people, places, things, times, and events in your life.  Your entire life is what you created it to be.  You can’t blame anyone else for participating in it.  We are not victims; we are creators.  That is our natural state of being.  We are not victims.  Now this is going to make some of you uncomfortable because you have all those hang-ups and guilts.  You don’t need to have any of it.  Why do you still have it?  Because you hold it into place and you think someone did something to you.  They made you do it, or you did something to them, or you forced it on them.  They succumbed and now you feel bad about it.  All actions are self-determined.  I want you to remember that.  It is the most awesome, empowering statement you can say.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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