Thursday, September 12, 2019


This is what AI is trying to replicate.

As I read the Ramtha description of how we function the brain and manifest perceived reality, I think of the approach taken in the Course in Miracles Workbook.  The process in that workbook is aimed at undoing the overlays on perception and to break out the process of giving meaning to our perceptions so we can be aware of the perception and manifestation process.  That is actually quite similar to the Buddhist practice of being conscious of the overlays (Skandhas) involved in perception and releasing them to become more conscious of the arising of each moment directly.  Both of these processes (and the Ramtha workshops) are programming techniques to reprogram perception and to manifest more consciously.

“The brain is a computer.  Someone has got to be the programmer.  That means someone has got to be home.  Thought is holographic and is produced by a neuronet that represents forms.  For example, the same neuronet that produces yellow can combine itself with the neuronet “round” and the neuronet “radiance”, and when those three fire we have the sun.  We can take the neuronet yellow, ten thousand and some neurons, combine it with a half-moon, and add a little shading.  So far, now we have three sets of the brain firing because the moment that we add the shape to it, it kicks something else in.  It kicks in a neuronet based in chemical taste.  That kicks in and fairly soonthe yellow has transferred into a banana.  Delicious.  Yellow both warms and is edible.  To the brain that is how it works.  We can take and put that in every part of life, that everything you have learned can be changed, mixed around, and produce different pictures.  Nothing is absolute.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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