Friday, September 13, 2019

Thought and Manifestation

This quote from Ramtha is really a profound insight into manifestation.

Note that we manifest the body at the same "time" that we manifest our perceived reality.

The same is true when we "cruise the Cosmos" in meditation, dreams or astral projection ... we manifest a body out of conscious energy compatible with whatever reality we find ourselves in at the time and generate our perceptions from this body construct.  This works reasonably well in "dimensional realities" where concepts of distance and intervals in time can be represented meaningfully to us. Non-dimensional realities are too abstract, so we often draw a blank when we find our consciousness in one.

In all cases, including within this consensus reality, what we perceive is always our personal representation of a moment in the greater multidimensional reality of the Cosmos.  None of it is absolute or more real than any other perception.  Seth pointed out frequently that what we perceive as physical reality is purely symbolic and not at all a complete or accurate representation of anything.

I believe that this is the fundamental insight in A Course In Miracles and practices like Zen Buddhism (e.g. Dogen).

“Thought is a hologram.  Why should we go to so much trouble to produce a hologram that we already know exists? Because in this brain it presents its picture in the frontal lobe.  That whole process is called consciousness and energy.  That is the process in the body, because if we hold that hologram up here in the frontal lobe and let nothing else interfere with it, we are holding by will, a thought.  That desire to hold a thought is indigenous in us because something happens when we do that.  That thought, bathed in the field of undulating energy at different frequencies that surround your body and are interconnected with all other energies, collapses all of this energy into particles.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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