Thursday, September 19, 2019

Primal Cause

“Nothing exists outside of the primal cause, which is consciousness and energy.  Nothing exists outside of it.  It is the action on nothingness.  That would suggest then that all power, all mind, all ability are self-contained in it, and they are.  ...
“All energy is waiting to be formed.  Everything around you has already been worked out and to go back and keep working it is sort of a boring task.  What is adventurous is the space between you and me that you haven’t worked out. It is this energy.  This means that there is a raw field of potential that has not been thought about or acted upon.
“Here is what quantum mechanics tells us – and all of you who want to understand how to manipulate energy should study quantum mechanics – that there is no such thing as solid matter.  That is correct.  The only way it became solid is that energy got collapsed, something collapsed it into a particle.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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