Friday, June 29, 2018

When you are determines where you are

Session 915

Whenyou are determines where you are.  Space is in many ways more “timely” than you think.  I am not speaking of the usual time concepts, of course, of consecutive moments, but of a certain dimension of activity in which your space happens.

As long as we are trying to explain the origin of your world in a new fashion, we will be bringing in many subjects that may not usually appear in such discussions.  The world as you know it emerges from an inner, more extensive sphere of dimensions into actuality.  It is supported then by a seemingly invisible framework.

Beyond certain levels it is almost meaningless to speak in terms of particles, but I will for now use the term “invisible particles” because you are familiar with it.  Invisible particles, then, form the foundation of your world.  The invisible particles that I am referring to, however, have the ability to transform themselves into mass, or to divest themselves of it.  And the invisible particles of which I speak not only possess consciousness – but each one is, if you will, a seedthat contains within itself the potential to embark upon an infinite number of probable variations of consciousness.  To that degree such psychological particles are at that stage unspecialized, while they contain within themselves the innate ability to specialize in whatever direction becomes suitable.

They can be, and they are, everywhereat once.  Sometimes they operate with mass and sometimes without it.  Now you are composed of such invisible particles, and so is everything else that you can physically perceive.  To that degree portionsof your own consciousness areeverywhere at once. They are not lost, or spread out in some generalized fashion, but acutely responsive, and as highly alert as your familiar consciousness is now.

The self that you are aware of represents only one “position” in which those invisible particles happen to intersect, gain mass, build up form. Scientists can only perceive an electron as it is to them.  They cannot really track it.  They cannot be certain of its position and its speed at the same time, and to some extent the same applies to your consciousness.  The speed of your own thoughts takes those thoughts away from you even as you think of them – and you can never really examine a thought, but only the thought of a thought.

Because you are, you are everywhere at once.  I am quite aware of the fact that you can scarcely follow that psychological motion.  As we will see later, your imaginations can lead you toward some recognition, even toward some emotional comprehension, of this concept.  While your reasoning abilities at first may falter, that is only because you have trained your intellect to respond in a limited fashion.

There are what I will call “intervals of perception”.  You are usually conscious of events that are significant neurologically, and that neurological timing is the end result of an [almost] infinite series of sequences.  Those sequences are areas in which activities happen.  Each consciousness within each area is tuned into its proper sequence.  Each area builds on the others.  The invisible particles are the framework upon which your body is formed, for example – they movefaster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are aware of no such motion. You are tuned into a different sequence of action.

There are, then, different worlds operating with different frequencies at different intervals.  They are conscious in other times, though you are neurologically equipped to perceive your own interval structures.  When I speak of time, I do not merely refer to other centuries as you think of them. But between the moments that you know, and neurologically accept, there are other kindsof moments, if you prefer, other versions of time, and other kinds of accomplishments and fulfillments that are not dependent upon your usual ideas of, say, growth through time.

Some of this may seem quite difficult at first reading, but I know that you are all far more intelligent than you realize you are – far more intuitive. I know also that you are tired of simple tales told to you as if you were children, and that your minds and hearts yearn for worthwhile challenges.  You want to extend yourselves as far as possible, because each of you has been born with that urge toward value fulfillment.

It is only because, particularly in your times, you have trained yourselves to limit the nature of your own consciousness that such ideas seem strange. You have thus far believed that you must train your great imaginations and your intelligences to confine themselves and their activities to the physical world as you have been told it exists.  In childhood, before you so leashed your imaginations, however, you each had your own dreams – dreams that awakened you to other portions of your own identities. There are many experiences open to you now – ifyou can be free enough to allow them – that will give you glimpses of those other intervals in which you have a reality.

I will deal with some such exercises later on in the book.  All such methods, however, are useless if your beliefs hold you back, and so the main thrust of all of my books is to increase your own areas of thought and speculation.

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