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Rita on aloneness


From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 3419). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition".

(Q) Well, Miss Rita, I guess I'm slowly learning things.  One of them is why it is so hard for me to record dreams - words are too sequential, too slow, and I don't have patience enough. Another is that this process is the only word-related process that is fast enough for me, yet lets me slow down enough to communicate - which is why computer-based writing doesn't work for me in ILC.

(A) You are learning much more than that.  You need community feedback for your solitary explorations.  You experience for others.  Your perceived isolation and difference is more perceived than real, or perhaps we should look at it as more local than universal, and the electronic media has removed the major disadvantage of locality, so that you and the rest of your tribe can be aware that you are not alone.

Inger Lise Karlsen sits on an island and paints her loneliness and difference.  You sit in a room and do the same.  So do the others, whether painting or sculpting or growing things or doing whatever leaves them feeling their connection.  None of you is alone or ever was, and yet you also were, and are.

(Q) That puts it very concisely.  And makes it seem less of a predicament, somehow.

(A) The world is full of lonely people, not because of a defect in social organization or because of defects in character.  Gregarious people are as alone as the painfully introverted. Handsome, sought-after people, rich people, talented and successful people, accomplished people - they are all alone in the sense we are talking about at the moment, and the easy obvious conclusion is that neither personaity, nor social position, nor achievement, nor one's own view of how well one has done, is a factor in that aloneness.

To be alone isthe human condition.  It is the point of the 3D experience, and the difficulty of it.  Therefore, it is the value, as well.

(Q) Ed Carter said Earth (3D life) is boot camp.

(A) He wasn't wrong.  And, just like boot camp, it isn't brutality or privation for its own sake, but a means to an end.

That is, 3D life forges a mind that may then proceed to live a life in the non-3D ("as well", but that's another story).

But what is your aloneness, that is in the nature of 3D existence?  I don't need to describe it; everybody who reads or ever will read these words knows it to the bone.  But what isit?  Where does it come from and why is it part of the 3D life?

(Q) It's just the result of perception of separation, isn't it?  Our feeling the lack of connection to ourself at other levels, and to others?

(A) If it were that simple,

Suspiciously enough - or it should be suspicious to you, but you still choose to look outward rather than inward.

Lonely people learn to stand on their own feet, and paddle their own canoe, as Bob [Monroe] always advised.

Bees and wolves

(A) If not for the isolation (even among and within people who drown it in the society of others), humans would be much less individually different and much more alike, with fewer possibilities.  More like bees than wolves, say.  You know that humans have a sort of hive-mind as background to individual minds.

(Q) Dana Redfield got that from her guys, and expressed it in her books.  I never quite understood it, even though I published them.

(A) It means this.  The individual Frank sits atop a physical heredity that is closely connected to the hive-mind; but he brings to this physical heredity his own individual soul-heredity (the strands that enter into his make-up from other than physical sources), and this is his difference from what produced him physically.  This is why children feel like they were surely switched from their real family and must be out there somewhere, because they feel like Cinderella among their physical relations.

There is so much to say, yet the other imperative is to give you all time to absorb one small slice at a moment.

(Q) I get the feeling that you didn't begin intending to discuss loneliness and hive-mind and boot camp, but something else.

(A) "Intend" is a little too definite; let's say I was prepared to go in a different direction because of the dream you woke from, but in these sessions, the twominds determine where we go and what we experience.  It isn't dictation.  Dictation occurs if one of the two absents itself, as Cayce or Jane Roberts did, or if the soul was so pure and transparent as to present no counter-currents, as for instance, Emmanuel Swedenborg.  Absent either of these conditions, it is conversation, not dictation. And conversation is a better model for the times you are finally moving into than dictation would be.  The 3D component will be more aware henceforth, hence must assume greater responsibilities and will enjoy greater participation.

(Q) So your intent was ...?

(A) I get the implied smile and I share it.  Let's focus a little more on bees and wolves.

Bees are very much social creatures.  Their individuality is very little, compared to yours.  Insects are what humans would be if not for the superpositioning of soul memories upon physically transmitted ...

This is another aspect of humans as compound beings.  You are the physical offspring of compound beings and so you are instinctively what they were.  In addition, each new birth is a selection of other elements (other strands of being, in effect other characteristics that may or may not mesh smoothly with those being physically inherited).  Depending upon the fit, the new soul will be less or more comfortable with the newly acquired family.  But even if you (whoever reads this) entirely reject your family, you are part of it.  Even if you entirely embrace it and identify with it, you are partly different from it.

It is this unchangeable difference that is felt as apartness, as loneliness. And it is that difference that allows you freedom of action!  It frees you from the hive-mind to a degree.

Hive-mind - instinct - is not a good thing or a bad thing.  Those are just labels.  It is onefact of your life.  Your individuality is another.

(Q) As I sit here writing this, the pink dawn is feeding my soul.  A long time since I used to sit in your house writing into a pink sunrise.

(A) Everything you do feeds into the hive-mind as well as your own individual mind.  Indeed, in a senseyour individual mind is only a temporary affair, an abstraction almost, a way station.

(Q) I thought you said we continue.

(A) And so we do, but you never feel alone again.  You retain the advantage derived, but you don't continue to experience yourselves as if you were disconnected.  You will find it a great relief.

Let me use the dawn as an example.

It was a lightening of blue, blue behind a darker cloud.  Then it was an edge of pink, and a broader edge of pink and an illuminated cloud edge.  And then the pink went away, as the sun's position relative to the clouds shifted, and now it's lightening blue again, and no trace of pink.  Was the sunrise a failure?  Yes, if you make it depend upon producing pink.  No, if you allow it to bring the day.  No matter what the light-show was or wasn't, the daylight follows.

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