Friday, June 1, 2018

Biological Variations are Essential to Flexibility of Humankind

“In man, the probabilities of development are literally numberless.  No computer could count the combinations of characteristics possible.  It is highly important, then, that the species retain flexibility, and not become locked into any one pattern, however advantageous – and I am referring to physical or mental patterns.  Within the framework of established specieshood, there must be every kind of leeway – leeways that are biologically activated, so that variances are constantly active.  Those genetic variances may appear as defective or eccentric.  They may appear as the handicapped.  They may appear as superior characteristics of one kind or another, but they must be biologically stated as the variations from the genetic norm.
“By themselves, whether they appear as superior or defective conditions, they necessitate a different kind of adaptability, a change of subjective or physical focus, the intensification of other abilities that perhaps have been under stressed.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 911)

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