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Rita on the theme of the work

Theme of the work

From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 3942). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition".

(Q) I've been talking with Charles about the book this material could become, and the central theme of the book is ...?  Bob Friedman posed the question and suggested I pose it to you.  I posed it to Charles and he quoted you [from past sessions], but how about it we take it from the top?  Grantedf it is about life after the change that is taking place, how would you describe the center that a book would coalesce around?  I mean, it would be possible to stop anywhere, if the transcripts came to a natural stopping point.

Boy, do I feel fuzzy.  I hope you feel sharper than I do.  I thought I was ready to go.  Maybe not?

(A) You could always just go back to sleep.

(Q) Boy, there's the title for a book about our lives!  You could always go back to sleep.  Except, probably we can't.

(A) Sleeping and waking, in the larger sense you mean, is an alternation like day and night, winter and summer.  It isn't an aberration or a mistake, let alone a tragedy.  There isn't a time schedule for these things.

(Q) Not even a don't-miss-the-bus time schedule?

(A) Not even a don't miss the bus - how can there be, if you can't miss the bus? There is always another schedule somewhen else, some other reality.  The nice thing about the real universe is that there's no pressure, no failure, no tragedy, no missed chances - unless that's what you want to experience for the moment.  There is always another timeline to jump to, whenever you get tired of the current programming.

So, to work.  The theme of the book is pretty simple: Life is more open, more simple, more filled with possibilities, than you commonly think.  Seth pointed that out for us, long ago.

Call it "Living the Change".

(Q) I kind of liked Charles and the Dogs: "Reality - What a Bitch".

(A) You can try that one, if you prefer.  It has the advantage of piquing the reader's curiosity.

(Q) No doubt.  Okay, "Living the Change".  And -?

(A) Well, it is a reciprocating process, you understand.  You broaden your understanding, and you experience the world differently.  Different experience leads you to live differently, to change.  Living differently leads to still greater difference in experience, and so forth and so on.

This Change that you and so many have been waiting for, hoping for, comes not as an external but as every person's internal experience.  Thus, for one person the change is yet to come, for another it is taking place, for a third it is yesterday's news.  They all live in the same world and in different worlds, depending on how you count and depending on who is doing the counting.

In a way, that is why you are experiencing some difficulty in seeing atheme.  It is really three different books, at three different levels of understanding simultaneously.  The same words mean different things at different times, in different contexts, to different people.

(Q) Living the change?

(A) It doesn't have to be that title; that's for your publisher and you to decide.  But that is the theme.  Can you see it now?

(Q) You want me to summarize my understanding I take it.

(A) I do.  It will be easier.

(Q) I suppose it is a bit like my life these past couple of months.  I was living in one place, and became dissatisfied with it for lack of space, I went looking for another place to live, and found it, and went through the massive dislocation involved in uprooting and re-rooting myself, and I began to settle in, and now I am again at home.

(A) A good analogy on many levels.

(Q) Don't think I don't know it was suggested.

(A) In a larger sense, that process of moving to a more satisfactory place - with all its attendant experience of dislocation and readjustment - describes your life, and not yours alone.

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