Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Triggering reincarnational aspects

This Seth quote contains several key ideas.

First, the idea that genetic systems are really systems of consciousness ... obvious enough since everything is conscious, but an idea totally missed by materialistic science.

The intertwining of our genetic consciousness with reincarnational systems is described by Kryon in their description of the 12 "layers" of our genes.  "Layer 1" is what science plays with in 3D, the other "layers" are where the intertwining happens.

The present is the point of power ... a very important idea.  "Power" in this sense is described by Lazaris as "the ability and willingness to act" ... it's not "power over" someone or something.

The idea that throughout our life, in any moment, we have the ability to activate reincarnational threads and abilities is hugely important, even life changing.

Finally, the profound importance of the dream state (day dreams and night dreams) in which we bring all these aspects of consciousness together.

“There are states of consciousness, one within the other, and yet each connected, of course, so that genetic systems are really systems of consciousness.  They are intertwined with reincarnational systems of consciousness.  These are further entwined with the consciousness that you recognize.  The present is the point of power.  Given the genetic makeup that you now have, your conscious intents and purposes act as the triggers that activate whatever genetic or reincarnational aspects that you need.
“The state of dreaming provides the connecting links between these systems of consciousness.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 911)

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