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Rita answers various questions

Holding it together

From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 2417). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition".

(Q) [Chey: "I'm still not clear on crystallizing.  Can Rita give us a definition of 'holding it together'?  What does that feel like, what are the steps to do that, how can we know if we're 'on the beam' to accomplish?"]

(A) Again, language is making something that should be intuitively obvious into an unfamiliar seeming idea.  Ground all this in your lives, and you'll get the idea seemingly automatically.

Your life, as you live it day by day, isthe "holding it together".  Dealing with your own internal difficulties (that will often seem external, or at least caused by externals) isthe work you are here to do.  It isn't anything more complicated or alien than that.


(Q) [Jim Price: "I wonder if Rita has more to say on: to become better acquainted with unknown parts of yourself ... to communicate with your body's intelligences ... not only what you think of as guidance but other modifying intelligences as well. This was in regards to health practices - her suggestion that communication and connection are more valuable than seeking out a specific healing modality (or as a way of enhancing any chosen healing modality).  In some ways, this is an ongoing process - I'm not sure we're likely to become conscious of all our modifying intelligences.  I do understand her point about not being concerned with definitions, more to be open to what is available and connect there (here).  But the point in asking is to prime the pump on the topic."]

(A) Live trusting life. That's all that needs to be said here. Trusting life means expanding to everything within you, to the limit of your draw, and then being okay with stopping, too.  There is no point in providing more words; they will only blur the point, for this is not an intellectual process, but a decision to be lived.  Live trusting life, and you be drawn to what you need.

Making it conscious

(Q) ["Carl Jung had a saying (paraphrase): 'What is unconscious really is unconscious'.  His point was: what we don't see - we really don't see (perceive).  But the pump that connects to the well can be primed - Everything in your life is defined by your presence or absence of communication (another quote from that session that is good on its own, but might also benefit from expansion).  Everything ... This goes beyond mindfulness, and even mystic participation - mindfully connecting with each aspect of our lives as presented or emerging as a process of communication (which implies interchange)."]

(A) Not really a question. All I wish to add is a corollary that may not be obvious to some: Since you cannot make the unconscious entirely conscious, any more than you could put the ocean into a teacup, it should follow that - you don't need to!

(Q) In other words, too much intellectualizing may get in the way.

(A) That, and also, you automatically have whatever you need, whether or not you realize it.  As I said, trust your life.

(Q) [John Wolf: "I was going to ask about the nature of our Earth relationships with each other, such as a family, as we transition and become more aware of our greater beings and other aspects of non-3D.  Then it hit me that these relationships were not created in 3D alone as we perceive it on Earth, but in non-3D to begin with.  That puts a different perspective on the way we look at 'family'.  So the question is, when being formulated in non-3D, what is the nature of the thinking or other action that results in what we see as an Earth family, or any other tightly knit group of people in physical reality?"]

(A) It should be clear how much you and I and everyone reading this owe Charles for his diligence and perception, to provide us the raw material thus prepared.

In this particular case, I am going to set the question aside, though.  It is not only a theoretical question of no immediate practical application, but one that requires too much background that has not yet been supplied and perhaps never will be supplied (depending upon where we go and for how long, etc.).  But it is a productive question and some who are drawn to it will be able to find their own answers, and [further] questions, by working with it.

An extended family

(Q) [Charles: "What do beings that have had 3D experiences, but not on earth, add to a 3D life on earth?"]

(A) You - [those of] you in 3D, Frank, not you in particular - tend to exaggerate the difference between humans and ETs, as if there were an absolute difference between someone living in Ohio and one in California, or between either and a Patagonian or a Mongol. Yes, there are all kinds of regional, ethnic, cultural, racial differences that may be regarded as obstacles or as spice to relationship, but there is no absolute difference.

Think of yourselves as extended family and bear in mind that your own "internal" expanded family - part of the particular "you" of you - may well include incarnations present, past or future in other places that you in Earth 3D may never encounter or suspect (in any case) recognize.  From here, you're all - we're all - cousins.

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