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Rita on life as dream and meaning

Life as dream and meaning

From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 3350). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition".

(Q) [I (Frank) awake from a dream whose point was, the reason the world doesn't make sense to us is because it is continually aimed at affecting consciousness, not at anything external and fixed such as a narrative would suggest. So, just like a dream, we may experience the same situation time after time, unpredictably changed or changing with situations [like an absurd image from the dream].  The detail of the dream doesn't matter.  What matters is the realization.  The world doesn't make sense in its own terms because it isn't real, it is just a dream we are dreaming.  And somewhere a group of aboriginals has said that, but we are not very open to hearing it. "There is a dream dreaming us" doesn't express it in a way ordinary life can hear.  This is why pain, etc. doesn't matter.  It's all aimed at something, and not at anything material.

[Can I hold the reality of this? I wonder.]

(Q) Rita, you know the dream I just awakened from, and you know the thoughts running through my mind.  What can you tell us about my conclusions, or insightss, or unprovable sudden knowings?

(A) Your knowing is so strong that nothing I could say could shake it.  Is that not strong evidence in itself?

(Q) It is.  It's an overwhelming knowing, only I don't know if it will disappear in the way the meaning of a dream does, so often.

(A) Meanings don't disappear; situations do, and narratives, and connections. Logic and language are sequential, so they cut against your (anyone's) remembering such things in any realway.

(Q) Try that in other words.

(A) The guys had you paint the insight they had given you, of strands and physical objects.  It was the only way to go around the limitations of sequential description. That's what dreams do; they go around.

(Q) Yes, but the insight I am grasping to keep - and maybe losing even as I retain it in words - is that life is itself more like a dream than like the external fixed happening we usually think it is.

(A) That's correct.  It connects to the "internal vs. external" discussion we had a while ago. Beyond the physical 3D part of the world, there is no illusion of physical "external" existence.  But that does not mean that 3D exists like a lump among fluid - it means the lump is itself fluid, only slowed down (as perceived) in order to appear lumpish.

(Q) So, if life really is a dream, [then it follows that] affecting the dream - by magic, say - is as pointless as being a victim, if you keep on concentrating on the physical as if it had a separate fixed reality.

(A) That is true enough.  Life is for a purpose; never doubt that.  But that you knowthe purpose, or even couldknow it, definitely and surely or even tentatively - doubt that.

(Q) I get that therefore we should live to whatever promptings and rules we find, because after all, we are living this for a reason - but not be dogmatic about it.

(A) Some people are here to be dogmatic; nothing wrong with that, any more than anything else.  Every attitude has its place, or how could it exist?  But for those wanting a closer look at the mechanism, I'm giving you these hints.

(Q) I seem to get that words are making attitudes seem more different than they are.  [I didn't put this clearly, though Rita understood what I meant.]

(A) A better way to put it would be that insights have to translate through layers of processing, and - from our non-3D point of view - there is little to choose from between logic, superstition, emotion of any kind, selective blindness, concentration (you think of it as focus), or any form of mental/emotional processing.  It is all filters, coloring added to the original in the course of processing. Meaning is addedto perception, necessarily.  But if one person adds "meaningless coincidence" and another adds "synchronicity" and a third doesn't even notice, there is no question of "who is right?" any more than there can be a question of who is right vis a vis putting sugar or milk in your tea; it is a matter of taste.

(Q) So, people who see the universe as meaningless?

(A) Are you going to dictate to them what red looks like?

(Q) To pull [the meaning of] that one out a bit - meaning, nobody knows or can know who is right.

(A) Meaning, there isn'tany "right".  Or, closer, there isn't any "wrong".

(Q) No, there wouldn't be, if it's all expression.  But it does sound sort of meaningless when you put it that way - and I get your explosion of glee at the play on words when I write "meaningless".

(A) Yes, of course.  Because that is just what I'm saying, meaningless, in the sense of without inherent meaning.  You put the meaning intoyour life; that's what you are there for, and you can't help doing it (you call it making sense of things, or figuring out how the world works).

(Q) But my dream seems to say that there is some purpose somewhere, or why set out to affect consciousness?

(A) I am not trying to persuade you or anybody that the world (in the sense of "all that is") is without meaning, merely that it is not as simple as the answer that seems obvious.

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