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The manifest universe emerges from a subjective reality

“Remember, again, the manifest [universe] emerges from a subjective reality, one that is impliedin the very nature of your world itself.” … 
“All That Is has no one image, but is within all images (whether or not they are manifest).  Your thoughts are the invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivityof All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest phenomena.” 
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 916)

Session 916

When Joseph read the last session, he wondered whether or not the invisible particles I referred to were the same as the units of consciousness I have spoken of before.

He was supposed to ask the question, and so was each reader.  For one thing, while I realize the importance of specific terms, I do not want you as a reader to become so dependent upon terms that coming across one you have read before, you instantly categorize it.  For one thing, each time I reintroduce such information I do so from another direction, so to speak, so that you as a reader are meant to approach it from a different angle also.  In that way, you become familiar with certain knowledge from a variety of viewpoints.

As you read those passages the question itself – “Are these after all the units of consciousness referred to earlier?” – should have triggered your intellect and your intuition to work together, even if only slightly, in another way.  In other words, of course, I hope to inspire both your imagination and your intelligence in this chapter and in this section of the book, devoted to such subject matter.

Remember, again, the manifest [universe] emerges from a subjective reality, one that is implied in the very nature of your world itself.  I would like you, then to think of those units of consciousness from an entirely different scale of events.

Imagine, now, as far as you are able, the existence of All That Is, a consciousness so magnificently complex that what we may call its own psychological compartments are, literally, now, infinite.  All appearances of time, and all experience of it, must be psychological.  The “speed” of electrons, for example, would reflect their psychological motion.

All That Is, as the source of all realities and experience, is so psychologically complex, so multidimensionally creative, that it constantly surprises itself.  It is, itself, the invisible universe that is everywhere implied within your world, but that becomes manifest to your perception only through historic time.  All That Is disperses itself, therefore, so that it is on the one hand “a massive” subjective entity, a psychological structure – and on the other hand, it also disperses itself into the phenomenal world.  It is, in all meanings of the word, divine, yet it disperses even that divinity so that in your terms, each unit of consciousness contains within itself those properties of divinity.  All That Is has no one image, but is within all images (whether or not they are manifest).  Your thoughts are the invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest phenomena.

In those terms, it is basically impossible for any given species to become extinct.  It can disappear for a time, become unmanifest for while in historic events.  The genetic patterns for any given species reside, of course, primarily in that species’ genetic bank – but that genetic bank does not exist in isolation, but [is] invisibly connected with the genetic makeup of each other species.

There are countless relationships between species that go unrecognized.  The generations of all species interact.  The genetic cues are not triggered on the proposition, obviously, that a species exists alone on the planet, but also in response to genetic sequences that operate in all of the species combined.  The genetic system, again, is not closed nearly as much as supposed.  That is, again, because the basic units of consciousness that build up matter – that form matter – are themselves endowed with a subjective acuteness.  This also accounts for my earlier statement, that in usually understood terms the environment and its creatures “evolve” together.  Your position on the scale of awareness inclines you to categorize consciousnesses so that only your own familiar brand seems to fit the definition – so again here I remind you that consciousness is everywhere in the deepest terms, because All That Is disperses itself throughout physical reality.  All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence, and purposes within it.  So, of course, do all peoples, and the races.

Your imaginations help you bring elements of that inner implied universe into actuality.  Your imaginations obviously are not limited by time.  You can imagine past and future events.  Your imaginations have always helped you form your civilization, your arts and your sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning processes they can bring you knowledge about the universe and your places in it that you can receive in no other fashion.

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