Monday, June 4, 2018

We choose our abilities and capacities in each life

“I know from experience that most individuals do not choose one “happy” life after another, always ensconced in a capable body, endowed by nature or heritage with all of the gifts most people seem to think they desire.
“Each person seeks value fulfillment, and that means that they choose various lives in such a fashion that all of their abilities and capacities can be best developed, and in such a way that their world is also enriched.  Some people will choose “defective” bodies purposely in order to focus more intensely in other areas.  They want a different kind of focus. They want to sift their characteristics through a certain cast.  Such a choice demands an intensification.  It is made on the part of the individual and on the parts of the parents as well, so that a certain group of people will relate to the world in a highly characteristic way.  In almost all such cases, such people will be embarked upon subjective issues and questions also that might not be considered otherwise. They will ask questions on their own parts that need to be raised, not only for themselves but for the society at large.
“Those questions help bring out psychological maturities and insights about the nature of the species in general.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2,Session 911)

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