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Rita on a higher reality

A higher reality

From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 3580). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition".

(Q) My friend Jim Szpajcher gave me a book titled "To End All Wars", about World War I as Britain experienced it.  I sent him one called "Hidden History", on the secret history of how that war was generated.  In between reading the two, I read de Gaulle's memoirs of World War II and then a biography called "The General", putting his life into context.

It is all so dismal.  Then Jim and I exchanged emails about it.  What does it all mean, etc.  I said, I'm glad this life is only a dream, but it's a damn bloody one.  It occurred to me, just now - yes, maybe only a dream, but not an individually determined one but a jointly determined one, the result of everyone's input, just as it seems (but somehow different in meaning) and I thought, well I know who I could ask.

So, Miss Rita, what about it?  What can you tell us about the nature of reality in this context?

(A) The first thing to remember, always, is that there is no one valid view of anything.  Your entire life may be described as "to understand A", etc. "You" in this case meaning, everybody in 3D form.

Life is limitation.  That is the same as saying, life is viewpoint, life is perspective, life is fractional.  All-That-Is may have the complete viewpoint - maybe - or maybe that transcends our reality and hence our ability to understand.  Remember (as you so often forget) that non-3D is integrally connected with 3D, which means that ourreality is yourreality, only experienced without your limitations.  Just because we are now without form doesn't mean we now know everything, and it doesn't mean we live as some higher version of reality.  But that there isa higher reality, we cannot doubt.  If there is a summary view of our level of reality - let alone of 3D life in particular - it can only be from a higher level.  This may not have been self-evident, but surely it is obvious when once heard?

(Q) Perhaps.

(A) Well.  We're back to the old example of the fish in the fishbowl.  It isn't very likely that the fish created both (or either) water and fishbowl.  They can only have been created by a higher level of reality (a clumsy way to say it, but perhaps it will serve).  Similarly, a view of this level of reality can only be obtained from above it.

I don't need to persuade you of this, even if I could.  I mention it merely to remind you that everything has levels, and we are no closer to knowing everything than you are.  If we can live with it, so can you!

That first point is the vital one, as nothing can be learned by those who think that once they have learned something, it is a permanent and perhaps ultimate acquisition.  Thinking any given way of seeing things is "the truth" is the end of seeking, until after a while you start seeing fraying around the edges of the fabric. 

The second point is a little more philosophical - a little more abstract, or perhaps I should merely say broader.

(Q) And in writing out the intro to it, I have lost it.

(A) Nothing is ever lost, not really.

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