Friday, June 8, 2018

The Genetic System is Open and Responsive

The last line of this Seth quote - "mass beliefs about the safety or lack of it in the world at large" - is particularly troubling at this juncture in human history.  It seems that world powers thrive on creating an atmosphere of fear ... locally and globally - to maintain control.  It makes one wonder what the near term and long term repercussions will be for the developed world.

Bruce Lipton, author of the "Biology of Belief", describes experiments with mice where a group of mice were raised in a friendly, nurturing environment while another sample were raised in a frightening, threatening environment.  What is interesting is that baby mice in the friendly environment were born with well developed brains and average physical strength - basically "philosopher mice".  The other group, born in a world of terror and fear, had much less developed brains and were much more powerful physically, enabling them to survive and thrive in a hostile environment - basically "mice thugs".

Hopefully mankind can raise more philosophers than thugs, even with the torrent of terror we're exposed to in the daily news!

“The genetic system is a far more open one than is usually supposed.  It not only contains and conveys information, but it also reacts to information from the physical and cultural worlds.
“The genetic system also reacts to those beliefs and events that are paramount in any given civilization.  Events can trigger genetic activity – not simply through, say, chemical reactions, but through individual and mass beliefs about the safety or lack of it in the world at large.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 912)

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